clone trooper

  1. oollisD

    Appropriate eva foam thickness for Clone trooper

    Hello all. I've been planning on making a set of clone trooper armour from eva foam and I would just like to ask how thick should the foam pieces be? I've heard some people say 6mm but others have said 10mm. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. thatdamnjodie

    Republic Commando Delta 62 Build

    First non-Halo suit build attempt and I couldn't think of anything better to build than a Republic Commando. In particular, Delta-62. --- --- BUILD STATUS: Helmet: Complete Chestpiece/torso: Complete Backpack: Complete Shoulders and biceps: Complete Gauntlets: Complete Codpiece: Complete...
  3. H

    Star Wars Commander Cody Helmet Unfold HELP

    Hey! I have a Commander Cody pepakura helmet file and I'd need help getting a proper unfold. There is already an unfold provided with the file but it's not a very good one and I lack the skills to fix it myself. If you feel interested in sharing this project with me, I'll pm you the file so we...