color schemes

  1. Kapyets21

    Color visor help!

    Hi all! So I recently just joined and plan on 3-D printing my armor from infinite soon! Are all of the visor colors I found this in silver where are my choices and I would like to see if anyone had recommendations or tips on how I could pull this lock off but still see from inside!? Relatively...
  2. ItzBrenden

    Newbie here - Question on Color Matching

    Hey everyone! Been a loooong time Halo fan and am new to the costuming scene. Just got my 3D printers set up and can not WAIT to work on some armor. Planning on doing an ODST for myself and a Vale Costume for my daughter. Wanted to pick your guys brains when it came to color matching.... More...
  3. keireigoto

    Help with the Anubis Armor colors with the legs??

    Does anyone have the Anubis armor in their game and could help me out by sending me a couple of pics of it?? I'm gonna be cosplaying my PTD8-OCELES Spartan with the Anubis armor with my usual colors of Khaki as my primary and teal as my secondary. I can set up halowaypoint to where it previews...