1. tahu505

    Halo: Cardboard Evolved

    So this is going to be a joint thread for me and spitzkitz where we're going to be making MK V CE armor out of cardboard for Sacanime, which is 3 weeks from now. Currently we're working with the laser cutter on our university's campus to cut out the pieces! Also here's my car full of cardboard
  2. tahu505

    Chrome gold CE Magnum

    So the current rolls of PLA+ I have don't have enough filament in them for the armor pieces I was going to make so instead here's a new small side project! Halo CE magnum that I'm going to paint chrome gold inspired by the gold magnum skin in MCC CE multiplayer! I'm going to be 3D printing the...
  3. ODCA

    Foam Combat Evolved Anniversary Mk.V Foam armor build (with pepakura files!)

    I recently sold my halo 2 MK VI armor, and I've been planning to build a new one now, I'm totally in love with infinite's armor (both Chief's and the multiplayer's Mark VII), but I'd rather wait for more accurate files and reference material once the game is released so, instead of building a...
  4. PlanetAlexander

    Halo Magnum Photogrammetry Scene

    Huh, thought I had a full Magnum build thread here, but apparently that's only on the RPF. I've been using Blender a lot more recently and decided to also experiment with photogrammetry - a way to fuse my love for prop making and environment design. The first one I did was based off a...
  5. PlanetAlexander

    Combat Evolved Marine + Assault Rifle References

    To join in with RandomRanger's Reference Packs Index, I've decided to create a list of references for the Combat Evolved Marine, plus the CE assault rifle. Hopefully this will help/inspire some of you to make some CE marines because I'd love to see more! Honestly, my job is made pretty simple...
  6. PlanetAlexander

    Combat Evolved Grunt Puppet Cosplay

    After finishing my CE Marine armour last year, something inside of me thought "I want to do a grunt cosplay next". But of course I'm way to tall to dress myself up as one of these adorable kneecap biters... so I'm hoping to make a puppet instead. Here's the 'lil cutie I'm hoping to create: My...
  7. FoamAndFoundry

    Foam Combat Evolved Marine

    I recently made a Combat Evolved marine and did a mini photoshoot at a convention parking garage, and I think it's my favorite build yet! It's still missing the two thinner thigh pieces, helmet eyepiece, and gray fatigues but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I decided to go with a...
  8. PlanetAlexander

    Combat Evolved Assault Rifle Prop

    To go along with my Combat Evolved Marine cosplay, I'll be making the assault rifle from the same game - a classic combo. I've started to draw the template for it based off a screengrab, trying to take into account the perspective view: Although while making it I had one question: where is...