commander shepard

  1. tamagosando

    Mass Effect 2 N7 Armor - FemShep

    Hi there. I stumbled upon this forum while looking for 3D files for Mass Effect 2 armor. I was able to find some links from way back, however, it looks like those links have expired. I was wondering if anyone knew where to get 3D assets for the FemShep N7 armor from Mass Effect 2. I sincerely...
  2. thatdamnjodie

    Building FemShep

    Progress Helmet --- 95%, needs visor and paint Torso --- 25% Shoulders/Biceps --- 99%, needs paint Gauntlets --- 50%, yet to finish right gauntlet Handplates --- 0%, not started Abdomen/soft part --- 0%, not started Belt --- 95%, needs paint Thighs --- 0%, not started Shins --- 0%, not started...