1. JuryRigged

    Any models for the new armor and helmets from Halo infinite?

    I was planning on 3d printing a helmet for myself and potentially a few friends, and I know how to get the files for the one I want. One friend I have though, he likes the enigma helmet from Halo infinite. From what research I've done I know that we don't currently have a reliable way to rip...
  2. A

    Urgent: Commission Stolen/Lost in Transit

    Hello 405th, I was recommended to post my situation on here for everyone to help keep a look out of my first commission I ordered. Always been a Halo fan and to own a suit that fits me was a dream. I pulled the trigger 4 months ago with a very reputable company that paved the way to my...
  3. Harri51

    Foam Halo Reach Commission build

    Okay, I've been wanting to post this for a while so here it is. I was approached in building a reach armor for Deadman627. I've been working on it and life really slowed me down. But, I am currently at the waist and I'll post that soon; enjoy the pics. I can honestly see why everyone loves to...
  4. ODCA

    Props Foam Needler Commission WIP

    hello everyone! I'm finally back posting threads on the forum after quite some time! I recently got a commission to build a halo reach style needler what I'm planning to do is build everything out of laser engraved EVA foam, similar to how I built my plasma rifle last year with some...