1. Harri51

    Twin Tiers Comic Con 2019!!

    Lock and load 405th! Our second...third....fou... well another one of our favorite cons has dropped and asked for our return with much more space and more cosplayers wanted! Where? Arnot Mall is where! Out in Elmira, New York. We are dropping into the old Macy's and yes we are at a mall...
  2. Lemonade

    Please come to this con (Dallas, TX)

    Might I interest you in a little bit of Dallas Fan Days? It's in Dallas, TX on October 19-21, 2018. Here's the website: Dallas Fan Days I'll be there on the Saturday of the con, hopefully wearing my new Reach armor, and my husband will be wearing his ODST armor. I've been to several cons in...
  3. EndlessForrest

    Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017

    Hello! My name is KC. I'm fairly new to Utah and I plan on attending Salt Lake Gaming Con July 7-8 2017. Reply Here if you'd like to start a cosplay meet up group! Thanks!