1. AMCsAlex

    I look for the helmet of this concept of art

    hello guys I have months looking for who will have or could make the helmet of this concept of art, I found information about the weapon and work currently in it but the helmet is not
  2. mblackwell1002

    what's your favorite piece of Halo concept art?

    Hi, guys! forum game time! seriousness, with some goofiness in this one... what's your favorite official Halo concept art, and why? I ask because StayFrosty and I were talking about posters and how awesome concept art would be on a poster. afterward I thought I'd love to hear what you guys and...
  3. Frozensnot

    Frozensnot's Halo 5 Rogue Armor

    It's the start of a new year and a new project :) While trying to figure out what kind of armor I should make next I thought; if my spartan survived through the covenant war, what kind of designation/armor would he be given during the time of Halo 4-5? If I could have any designation, it would...