1. whatever6

    What is the best way to transport a cosplay to convention?

    I want to go to Gamescom in Germany this year. There is a separate area for cosplay. It would actually be my first cosplay con ever, so I don't quite know how it usually works. My question is how best to transport my cosplay to the convention? My cosplay is relatively big and bulky it is the...
  2. coscove

    Matsuricon 2022 - Buy/Sell/Swap Costumes & Props

    Anyone going to Matsuricon? Coscove (cosplay marketplace) and Matsuricon are co-hosting a “coat-check” style buy/sell/swap this year. If you have anything to sell, check out the info below and RSVP! Where: Hyatt Regency Columbus / Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, Ohio) When: August...
  3. PapaSola

    Rose City Comic-Con 2022

    Is anyone going to RCCC this year? I’m thinking about going a few Star Wars celebrities are going to be there from what I’ve heard
  4. MyrHerder

    Southwest Regiment (Austin, Texas) - RTX 2022 July 1th-3rd

    RTX is back in-person this year. Austin Convention Center 500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701 Main thread: RTX 2022 Austin, TX July 1th-3rd
  5. MyrHerder

    RTX 2022 Austin, TX July 1th-3rd

    RTX is back in-person this year. Who is going to be there? Austin Convention Center 500 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

    Will 405th come back to the Uk

    Hi Everyone, I have been on this forum for awhile but never posted whoops I cosplay as OSDT in the UK and was wondering if you will ever bring a stand to the big cons like London? I see the stands you have in Europe and I think we could try it in the UK. We do have a lot of halo cosplayers...
  7. Redshirt

    27-29 May 2022 Phoenix FanFusion! Costume up and Join Us!

    Join the 405th team from the Tucson and Phoenix area to infect FanFusion with our fandom! Who: 405th members and Halo fans from across the Southwest hosted by the Phoenix/Tucson team What: Phoenix FanFusion When: 27-29 May 2022 Where: Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ Why: Because it's the...
  8. Rosebud

    Ohayocon Info and Roll Call: Feb 11th - 13th 2022

    Description: Ohayocon is a three-day anime convention typically held during January in Columbus, Ohio, at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Ohayocon's name is derived from the similarity between "Ohio", the convention's location, and Ohayou (おはよう), which...
  9. Fallen

    Planet Comicon 2021 Info and Roll Call: August 20th - 22nd (Kansas City, MO)

    Important: It is still possible that this event could be postponed and/or canceled. For the most recent information in Planet Comicon's COVID response please check Description: Planet Comicon Kansas City is the region's largest and longest-running pop...
  10. ODST_V1_405thprop.jpg


    Posing with the prop at the 405th table sci-fi valley con.
  11. PerniciousDuke

    Pacific Reg [wabat] (Tacoma, WA) - Jet City Comic Show 2019

    What Small sized Comic Show with Guests and Costume Contest Where Tacoma Convention Center When October 26 + 27, 2019 Saturday: 10am – 6pm Sunday: 10am – 5pm Tickets Available here This show focuses on the comics and attempts to keep the show small. They do recognize how much fun people have...
  12. ayacohen

    Halo Outpost Discovery Orlando Day 1 Vlog!

    Click the link to watch the video Hi guys! Support my small youtube channel by watching the video and please give a like and you guys can absolutely subscribe my channel for more videos! Thank you for all your support! Appreciate that a lot! Best, Leida (ayacohen)
  13. TurboCharizard

    Canadian Regiment (Calgary, AB) - Otafest 2019

    Where - Calgary Telus Convention Centre When - May 17th-19th 2019 Friday: 10AM-10PM (ticket office opens 8AM) Saturday: 10AM-10PM (ticket office opens 8AM) Sunday: 10AM-10PM (ticket office opens 8AM) Tickets - Otafest Tickets
  14. Lemonade

    Please come to this con (Dallas, TX)

    Might I interest you in a little bit of Dallas Fan Days? It's in Dallas, TX on October 19-21, 2018. Here's the website: Dallas Fan Days I'll be there on the Saturday of the con, hopefully wearing my new Reach armor, and my husband will be wearing his ODST armor. I've been to several cons in...
  15. TheCostumeGeek

    2018 Con Report - 405th European Regiment

    Dear 405th Members, as you might know, we sometimes have the oppertunity to bring the European Regiment to a Convention and fill a booth with all our armors, props and general awesomeness. Of course we want to share our experience with all of you, so this thread is dedicated to Con Reviews and...
  16. TurboCharizard

    CoVaCon 2018 (Canadian Regiment - Vancouver Island)

    Unggoy, Spartans, lend me your ears! I'm here with the strange opportunity to give you both a Convention and a Prop Party all in one! I'll be running a knife making workshop at CoVaCon on Sunday April 15th from 14:00 to 16:30 along with a pair of Mando Mercs who go by the name of Obsessive...
  17. ”Spartans never die they are just MIA”

    ”Spartans never die they are just MIA”

    Me and my friend went to a smal convention in Malmö. Here is some pics from the weekend! :)
  18. ”She made her choise”

    ”She made her choise”

    Me and my friend went to a smal convention in Malmö. Here is some pics from the weekend! :)
  19. The Nordic Spartan & Cortana

    The Nordic Spartan & Cortana

    Me and my friend went to a smal convention in Malmö. Here is some pics from the weekend! :)
  20. Walking in the convention :)

    Walking in the convention :)

    Me and my friend went to a smal convention in Malmö. Here is some pics from the weekend! :)
  21. TurboCharizard

    Urgent Distress Beacon: Request for Assistance at Tsukino-Con Victoria BC

    I've been approached by the convention with the basic premise that another local convention went and cancelled, is dropping their industry table and they want it filled with cool cosplayers instead. This is where you guys come in. If you'd like to have a free weekend at the convention with an...
  22. mike bike

    Wizard World Philadelphia!

    Wizard world philly is so close! Who's going to be there?!? It will be my first convention with my suit i am actually in the finishing phase now of my suit. Should be ready in time!
  23. The Ragin Pagan

    Planet ComiCon 2017

    Ron Pearlman (Relevant: the voice actor for Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood) is going to be at the Kansas City Planet ComiCon this year! The dates are April 28-30, and Ron Pearlman will be there on the 29th and 30th only. I myself will be there Saturday, the 29th. Anyone else looking to go?
  24. Sierra 107

    405AUS Event Calender: 2017

    In this thread details events that the Australian Regiment will be participating in from 1JAN to 31NOV. At this point in time, there are likely to be events such as photo-shoots, building days and others, while there are also others that people may suggest. Please post in this thread if you're...