1. Angus314

    Post covid Mountian Con times

    Hello everyone. This is a thread for posting and talking about cons that y'all plan on going to in the near future within the mountain area! First up we've got Fan Expo Denver's special halloween event at OCTOBER 29 - 31, 2021 I know Colorado...
  2. CplYapFlip

    Armour Crates 101: Packing Your Armour

    I was talking about how TurboCharizard and I pack our armour to haul it over the Rockies and back again, and figured I may as well pull our armour crates out and chronicle what I'm talking about (as well as pull things out in need of repair, repaint, and washing of soft-bits) Nothing we do is...
  3. Fallen

    Planet Comicon 2021 Info and Roll Call: August 20th - 22nd (Kansas City, MO)

    Important: It is still possible that this event could be postponed and/or canceled. For the most recent information in Planet Comicon's COVID response please check Description: Planet Comicon Kansas City is the region's largest and longest-running pop...
  4. TurboCharizard

    Upcoming Event (Victoria,BC) - Tsukino-Con 2019

    Tsukino-Con 2019 Tsukino-Con is a not-for-profit, community oriented convention held annually at the University of Victoria with a focus on anime fandom and Japanese culture. Where: University of Victoria When: February 22nd-24th Student ticket pricing is an option and UVic Students/Alumni...
  5. TurboCharizard

    Canadian Regiment (Vancouver, BC) - FAN EXPO Vancouver

    Where - Vancouver Convention Center (Canada Place) When - October 12-14 Friday: 4pm-9pm (ticket office opens 9am) Saturday: 10am-7pm (ticket office opens 9am) Sunday: 10am-5pm (ticket office opens 9am) Tickets - FAN EXPO Tickets
  6. Sean Anwalt


    Mountain, updates to conventions and events! UTAH AREA Ogden UnCon 2019 Ogden, Ut. June 7-9, 2019 FAN Con &food truck rally Weber County Library Southwest branch 2039 W. 4000 S. Roy, Ut. June 1, 2019 1100
  7. N

    Escape Velocity, May25-27 2018 Oxon Hill, Md

    Escape Velocity is an upcoming Sci-Fi convention, which will be at the Gaylord Resort in Oxon Hill, MD. This will be our third year. Escape velocity is presented by the Museum of Science Fiction, DC, and is a non-profit orgainzation dedicated to education, and the core concept that from our...