1. NobleTravis

    Props Noble 6 Build, Planning Phase!

    Hey guys, since my Landfall Build has come to an end I wanted to do something for the 10 year anniversary of Halo Reach in 2020 for Dragoncon. I decided with the help of an Instagram poll to take on Noble 6 next! While going over some references pics I realized that I’m not so sure what the...
  2. Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 3

    Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 3

  3. Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 2

    Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 2

  4. Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 1

    Halo Outpost Houston Cosplay Contestants 1

  5. Osina

    Halo 1 Marine cosplay

    Since I have a plasma grenade %50 done right now I have started on some Marine armor. I’m going to post updates here as things continue on. The one in the last picture on the right is a little larger compared to the one on the left. That’s not intended but I need to see what looks best on me...
  6. Yuna


  7. Spall and Azimuth Edited

    Spall and Azimuth Edited

  8. Outpost Chicago Group Pic

    Outpost Chicago Group Pic

  9. Marine Group at Outpost: Chicago

    Marine Group at Outpost: Chicago

  10. Reach Marine Profile

    Reach Marine Profile

  11. Reach Marine

    Reach Marine

  12. Alien Queen Closeup

    Alien Queen Closeup

  13. Alien Queen Armor

    Alien Queen Armor

  14. Alien Queen Headdress

    Alien Queen Headdress

  15. BlackFire


  16. Bubblehead Nurse

    Bubblehead Nurse

  17. Paigeosity

    plz send halp-cannot find gundam RX-78 pep files ANYWHERE!

    I've scoured the internet for weeks and every single file I come across for the wearable (or, hell, even just plain old paper model RX-78 gundams) the files are corrupt, missing, or un-downloadable. Do you any of you fine lot have the goods I seek? Any and all help is greatly appreciated...
  18. CosmoCost

    Would anyone happen to have, or know where I can find a Cabal Colossus model from Destiny 1?

    I wanna do a big build. Specifically Valus Ta'aurc from Destiny 1, but for the life of me cannot find a 3D model of them anywhere.
  19. S

    gundam rx-78-2 cosplay

    Anyone got a gundam rx-78-2 pepakura file? I'm trying to build a suit for myself in the future
  20. Sean Anwalt

    Where to go to cosplay

    I am relatively new to the whole cosplay thing, and was wondering: where can one go to cosplay? What about weekday mornings? Afternoons? Weekends? Any places to *definitely NOT*?
  21. SpartanProps

    Noble 6 halo reach build

    Hey everyone! I thought i would post my build progress for my noble 6 costume that i debuted at calgary comic expo! Since its done and not in progress im not really sure what order to do the picturtes in, so i will do my best to post in clusters of what i did and explain what i have done c...
  22. Fisherk2

    My Gears of War cosplay progress

    (SPANISH) Buenos dias gente de la 405th, hoy tengo tiempo libre, asi que voy a subir todos mis progresos de mi otro cosplay del videojuego de Gears of War, en especifico, el de la armadura de la Coalicion basica (que lo llevan los soldados de la COG, Baird, Minh y los Carmine), con la variacion...
  23. rechun

    Need advice for current Cosplay project

    Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a Zed-Cosplay from League of Legends and got to a point where I could use some advice from the more experienced. I took the oldschool path of pepakura -> Epoxyresin -> Fiberglas mats -> car body filler -> sanding -> fine putty -> sanding and I'm done...
  24. Leahfeaster

    Gundam Wing Pilot: Cortana

    Hey guys! Thanks for allowing me to join your incredible community, been a fan of Halo since the first and of y’all since the beginning. My first build I’m planning was an original art piece done by Chris Buckley an original artist from the series. A pretty cool crossover image if I do say...
  25. Jack Socal

    ODST Cosplay build process

    I'm about to start building my first ever halo cosplay! I'm gonna be making the Rookie from ODST. But I'm having trouble with the pepakura files because my mac can't open them, is there any place I can get just the ready to print PDF templates?