costume help

  1. Spartan300

    First time Helmet (MKVII)

    So I've decided to make the MKVII as my first helmet, maybe it's a weird choice for a first time but it was the best model I had avaiable that I liked and that I believe will be easier under my circumstances. Dunno if I'll be making MKVII armor too, this is for the future, for now I wanna build...
  2. PopPunk6665

    Trouble with a lopsided helmet.

    I've been skulking around here for a bit, and when I finally got up the courage I decided I'd start my first cosplay with a marine. Specifically, I'm following the tutorial series from Andrew Dft. I'm almost done, and have even painted and strapped some sections of armor, but was finishing up...

    First-ish build ODST flood quick change

    I’m looking to modify my odst armor to make it modular flood. So I can have the armor normal one second and flood the next. Like in flood odst firefight on MCC. Only pictures I have the build I’m trying to make flood attached. Any help on how to make flood stuff or best ways to modify it/ idea...
  4. PapaSola

    Foam Costume help

    So I’m a tad bit worried I won’t be able to finish the armor before WASummerCon this June, does anyone have any cheap and quick costumes ideas preferably a UNSC costume? I was thinking of making a marine chest piece and adding a few details then calling it good
  5. HachiMichi42


    Hello World! I currently am building an infinite Chief Suit. However, I am running into three major issues: I do not have any tools of my own other than the school makerspace they do not seem to have a shortage of tools but also this means I have no dedicated workspace. Although 3D printing at...
  6. Lonewolfhowling

    Needing advice

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member, and fairly new to costume and prop making as well. I understand there are probably a bunch of threads already informing others on what to do, or how they can improve their craft, but I am asking for some personal advice. I started this project late last year...
  7. J

    First Build (Noob Level)

    Hello guys my name is Josh and im new here, ive been trying to get a noble 6 cosplay going and have hit issues with each time i have tried. ive tried pepakura and foam and either way i manage to mess something up. so i thought id put some posts on here to get some help from people to give me...
  8. A

    First Armor: Which to make?

    Hi everyone, I am new here so not sure if this is the right place to post this. I got a 3D printer a few months back and have been testing it out here and there with various prints but I think it is time to go big. I want to make a full suit of either spartan armor from Reach (Emile or Carter)...
  9. KXtreme

    Sarah Palmer zip files help

    I have wanted to be Commander Sarah Palmer for years but never could find a costume to buy and now that I know I can build it I really want to. The problem is that I can't get any of the zip files to load. Can anyone send them to me? I saw Master Builder had them and everyone was talking about...
  10. PepsiGubben

    First build Mk V Reach style

    Hello! I'm very new to this community but nonetheless I want to build my very own spartan armor. As I already have a 3d printer and some skill with Autodesk Fusion I thought I might 3d print my set. I quickly realised this would not be as easy as I thought and have already encountered several...
  11. Apollomg

    Search and Review (3d printer)

    Howdy all, I'm new to the site, as I'm trying to get into costuming and such, but I've been met with a dilemma atm. I'm wanting to get a 3d printer with a decent build volume so I can create my armor pieces and such easier. The biggest obstacle is that I'm unsure of what 3d printer to get...
  12. haloguy233

    Need some help

    So i am in a process of build helmets from eva foam, but i'm new to pepakura, so for building to i copy down the pieces on the foam and work off of that or build the paper craft and eyeball it? I have made 1 helmet so far but it was poorly done since i eyed it instead of trying to find...
  13. Sarcasticheavy

    New start.

    So in my previous posts I done the helmet, but some things went wrong with my personal life and the helmet got thrown away. But new starts and all, lock down made me try again, as of now the legs and chest are done (ish). Any tips on how to make the paint job look better? Also any ideas on what...
  14. commanderwyro

    vacuum forming services?

    hello all, i am working on a halo infinite helmet and need to vacuum form the visor. i dont have supplies and am still trying to learn it so i was wondering if anybody would be able to do it for me and i could pay. i can 3d print the visor and smooth it and ship it. just need if shaped. if...
  15. Osina

    I'm not sure what steps to take next and need a little advice

    I'm at the point I need to resin parts and round edges more. I'm going to work on some parts I made before but turned out to be larger then I need them to be. Anything I should know or try when doing test runs? What should I look out for? How can I round the edges and stay true to shape?
  16. Hibiki

    I want to make halo armor but I dont know where to start???

    Hello peoples!!!! My name is Hibiki! The first video game I ever played was Halo 2 and since then I have always dreamed of having my own suit of halo armor. In the past, I have looked into commissioning for a suit but it is so expensive. I need to know where to start!!!! What is best for...
  17. Shadow the ODST

    odst visor help

    been about 4 years since i have been on this website so a bit rusty on how everything works. for the past 4 years i have been trying to make an odst helmet but things like education, work, helping my mum, bloody body filling the helmet (body filler, sand,body filler, sand for the 4 years) and a...
  18. King3007

    Visor options

    Hi guys I'm making my first suit this summer with the pepakura style and was wondering what to do for a visor?
  19. Punk odst

    Having trouble downloading really new

    Hi! Im new to the scene i did the andrew dft odst build and i want to move on from that to make spartain armor ibe been scouring the forums for anyone with my same problem here and i cant seem to find one, i cannot download the files i want to make into my peparuka to do a foam build with where...
  20. 546923

    Looking for information to get started on my first build

    Hello everybody, im looking to get started with my first suit, but I don’t really know where or how to start. The suit im looking to do is a Mark IV (I think that’s the one) Any help is appreciated
  21. MunsterMahkus

    Dark Phoenix Cyclops

    Hey everyone! So after seeing the new trailer I instantly loved their new suits and thought this would be a good build to do that did not deal with armor. First thing to do is find a pattern. It seems an athletic tracksuit jacket seems to be the closest that resembles this suit. Decided to...
  22. HATE Recon

    Materials for Padding and helping fit?

    So, my ODST forearms arms are a bit loose and tend to rotate on my arm. I want to add some padding inside to help with this. I was looking for the kind of foam they have in like halloween masks, but couldn't find anything. Also, my helmet could use some padding. Do any of you have any...
  23. Gizinski117

    costume fitting

    So I am about 6'3" and was wondering if I should do a master chief or a ODST costume, and what template would fit me since I am tall. I very new to this and would like to know the best way to make a suit that would fit me and it I should print templates off or go off of what looks best on me...
  24. SkyBox

    EVA Foam question.

    Hi I am new to costume making and have been messing around with it for about a week mostly with cutting and stuff and I am trying to follow a tutorial series on youtube that can help me get started, it tells you to heat the EVA foam to the point where is moldable however I don't know what point...
  25. R

    Edward Buck Odst armour from halo 3 Odst help

    Hi guys I'm from Australia and I'm wandering if theirs someone or someplace where I could a buy a set of Edward bucks armour from halo 3 odst any help would be appreciated thank you