1. C

    As a short person, how could wear a masterchief outfit to be closer to his height?

    For context, I’ve been intrigued with the halo costume community for a really long time now, and I’ve finally decided I might try to make my first outfit! Before I begin though, I’m around 5”4’ and I’m pretty sure masterchief is around 7 ft. For any people with experience making these, would...
  2. PapaSola

    1st Build A bit of an update

    Currently my 3D printer is having some issues but I’m real close to finishing the armor
  3. TheDarkSpartan

    Costume idea

    Back in the days when Space Travel was first started, children had costumes where they could carry cardboard versions of a spaceship. I was thinking about making a Ghost or a Warthog that someone would wear like suspenders. You'd have your Spartan, ODST, or marine outfit on then slide the...
  4. TuckerDidIt

    Free to a good home

    Mods: if this is in the wrong forum, please move it or let me know and I’ll repost it. Thanks! I am offering my Rubies Master Chief armor set (without helmet or undersuit) to a beginner without armor for FREE. If interested, please email me at Good morning and Happy New...
  5. HALO Live Action * Skillet - Invincible * Kid 3D Printed Armor

    HALO Live Action * Skillet - Invincible * Kid 3D Printed Armor

    Just a mash up using one of the kids suits along with some bits a pieces from the Forward Unto Dawn movie and Deliver Hope Trailer mixed in. Big thanks to ou...
  6. HATE Recon

    Materials for Padding and helping fit?

    So, my ODST forearms arms are a bit loose and tend to rotate on my arm. I want to add some padding inside to help with this. I was looking for the kind of foam they have in like halloween masks, but couldn't find anything. Also, my helmet could use some padding. Do any of you have any...
  7. MajWood

    Starting Elite Honor guard

    hey there folks, I’m finally doing a passion project that I’ve wanted to do for years! Elite Honor guard from Halo 2, I hope to be done with it before halo infinite and the anual Florence minor league baseball game this coming year. Much thanks to blind luck for coming upon the post by Cadet...
  8. S

    Another NCR Ranger Veteran (WIP)

    Hello all. Coming back to this forum cuz you guys are nice and helpful. As you could tell from the title I'm making a ranger veteran costume and I figured I could show you guys my progress. Any tips, pointers, advice, and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Right now I'm working on the...
  9. SgtBrown5252

    ODST Cosplay (new to cosplay)

    Hello so Im new to the cosplay scene and would really like some helps and tips on how to do this as I've never so much as done anything even similar to this. I Plan to at least try to print all the solid parts on a 3d printer with a build space of X180mm x Y180 mm x Z320mm. Ive already started...
  10. A

    Halo Prophet Costume/Model

    Out of curiosity has anyone designed/or tried to create a costume or life size model of one of the prophets? Just something, I've never seen before.
  11. O

    Looking to buy or to rent a sci costume

    Hi I'm looking for a sci suit for a music video shooting. The script is about time traveler so i'm open to any kind of suit that could be super cool. It needs to be a medium size suit that a girl could fit in. Helmet+ Armor+ shoes etc... no need for weapons . Feel free to post some cool...
  12. TnG R1ckx

    3D printed ODST armor [picture heavy] (All files made available)

    IT'S DONE! (Yeah, that's the best photo I got of the finished armor atm, taking photo's is hard okay!) Even though it's "done", I'm not done yet. I plan on doing a lot of reprints (to fix scaling), an entirely new paint job with better weathering, a new strap system, and the torso armor. I'm...
  13. 16865017_10211388319765624_7705883175374026288_n


    Code Name: Alaska Armature variant: ODST mark SV Assignment: Freelance Project Status: MIA Real name: Evan Edward
  14. Sierra 107

    Deployment FAQ

    Congratulations on building your first Halo costume! You've taken your first step into a larger world. If you wish to delve deeper into your passion, your next step is the Deployment system. AugmentedHuman013 is the current Division Membership Officer if you have any further questions not...