1. Island Hopper

    Elite plasma rifle

    Howdy folks, it’s been a while. Had the privilege of being the first to receive one of Zachary’s plasma rifle kits. So far the kit is fully smoothed out and I’m waiting on paints to get here
  2. Kobeque

    Props Needler Toy Repaint and Upgrade

    Hey all! First post on here, just got back into Halo and I've completed a few builds recently that I wanted to share here, the first being a repaint and upgrade of a H5 needler toy I got off a website called Costumebox. The mould was actually pretty good and it was decently priced, but the paint...
  3. Saber

    Saber's Halo Reach Skirmisher

    It's been a long time lurking, but I'm back at it again with my Covenant Shenanigans. You've seen the Hunter, Engineer, and Brute, now time for something a little more... manageable. But still to-scale! This project I'm taking on will be the Murmillo rank Skirmisher. Y'know, the dudes that...
  4. PA Cosplay

    Props Halo Reach Needle rifle (3d Printed)

    Now that I've gotten my Br-55 done, its time to move onto the next project. I've been printing this for a good week and a half so far but I still got quite a bit to print to go. The file is on thingerverse by OddWorks, I'm printing at 130% size to make it feel like something only an elite could...
  5. ODCA

    Props Foam Needler Commission WIP

    hello everyone! I'm finally back posting threads on the forum after quite some time! I recently got a commission to build a halo reach style needler what I'm planning to do is build everything out of laser engraved EVA foam, similar to how I built my plasma rifle last year with some...
  6. ShanieGirl

    Covenant Build

    Hi everyone ❤️ I’ve been exceedingly interested in creating and developing a covenant build. However, in research I’m finding very little progress builds and even fewer patterns/files. Has anyone personally made Grunt armor or have access to a progress post for Grunts? I’ve found... two for...
  7. MFStudios

    Why are there no Brute pepakura files

    I've been in dire search for halo 3 Brute pepakura files and have found none.. are there any out there?! Hello!!!!!! Are you there? Ha, guess not. Ok, so I've been really wanting the Brute stalker helmet, but there is a pep file for the elite head which I need as well but can't find.. HELP! Is...
  8. HeadLocks

    Halo 3: Shipmaster (Half Jaw) Build W.I.P!!

    Hello all! There's an Elite sized hole in my heart, so today marks day one of filling it! I plan to complete The Shipmaster (his name is Rtas Vadum so lets go with that from now on) by February 2018 just in time for RTX Sydney. Thanks for looking, I'll be updating this thread regularly over...
  9. alorix

    Elite Cosplay.

    It never seems like there are many Elite costumes so I wanted to try to make one. I tried to do a Minor but the helmet didn't turn out well. I have the digi leg stils and some practice with helmets. I'm wondering if anyone happens to have halo 4/5 Zealot armor?
  10. Sierra 107

    Deployment FAQ

    Congratulations on building your first Halo costume! You've taken your first step into a larger world. If you wish to delve deeper into your passion, your next step is the Deployment system. AugmentedHuman013 is the current Division Membership Officer if you have any further questions not...
  11. CPO mendez

    Props Mendez's 3D Printed Halo Guns!

    Heyo 405th! so, i have a thread over in the 3D modeling section where i'm basically just systematically going through and bringing every single gun from every single halo game into the 3D printing realm! now, obviously, i'm gonna make some of em! i've actually been working on and off for a...
  12. Art Andrews

    Halo 2 - Covenant Weapons 1.1

    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists. Contents of zip-file: halo-2-covenant-type-1-energy-weapon-sword.pdo Modeler: tehalozninja halo-2-covenant-type-25-der-plasma-rifle.pdo Modeler: RVB4LIFE halo-2-covenant-type-25-der-plasma-rifle.pdo Modeler...
  13. Art Andrews

    Halo: Combat Evolved - Covenant Weapons 1.1

    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists. Contents of zip-file: halo-ce-covenant-type-1-antipersonnel-plasma-grenade.pdo Modeler: Garland halo-ce-covenant-type-33-guided-munitions-launcher-needler.pdo Modeler: Unknown...
  14. Art Andrews

    Halo: Combat Evolved - Sangheili (Elite) 1.1

    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists. Contents of zip-file: halo-ce-covenant-sangheili-elite-chest.pdo Modeler: Garland halo-ce-covenant-sangheili-elite-forearm-left.pdo Modeler: Garland halo-ce-covenant-sangheili-elite-forearm-right.pdo Modeler...
  15. Creazywars

    Props I am looking for weapon 3D models

    Hi right now i am looking for covenant carbine & the magnum but if you have a link or more model i would help lots thanks. edit: plus i love the helmets so if you have models it would be awesome Creazywars
  16. The Universe

    HALO SPACESHIPS, 3D printing all kinds of ships in the Halo array

    Hello Halo Fans! Do you have a passion for the spaceships in Halo then this is the right place. on this thread we discuss the construction of covenant and UNSC Ships. I personally am working on the CAS Shadow of intent and her surrounding fleet {scale 1 to 5346}. Feel free to join our...