1. Screen from within the helmet

    Screen from within the helmet

    You can see the screen from inside the helmet here
  2. Visor down, camera display screen visible

    Visor down, camera display screen visible

    This view shows the display, its simply an embedded 4th gen ipod touch that allows for video via the hole in the front. Also fun to play music!
  3. Front Visor Down

    Front Visor Down

    Front view with visor down
  4. Visor Down

    Visor Down

    View with the visor down
  5. Angled


    General frontal angled view
  6. Back


    General Back View
  7. Side


    General Side View
  8. Front View

    Front View

    General front view
  9. TillXValhalla

    Foam Halo 3 ODST

    So after the sniper issue im gonna get started on my ODST build. Was looking at a halo 3 spartan and got to the boot file for foam and holy hell. That looks like something im gonna have to tackle as an actual pep file so back to the ODST. i should have boots and maybe shins posted tonight.
  10. ThePototypeX10

    Finally ready to build...

    Hello everyone, I'm going to be honest, I rarely use forum sites, so I'm a bit clueless. I've had my 405th account for a while but never used it. I have a little (and I mean little) experience with cosplay and prop making, I've built small pieces and simple builds for myself and friends. But I...
  11. P

    WIP halo 3 CQB progress.

    Hey y'all. This is my 2nd ever halo build ever. Had some difficulty and right now it's just a rough assembly, but will be more refined as the process goes on. C&c welcome, as always. However, please try to keep criticism constructive.