1. Rosebud

    Props Mini Hog Build.

    The idea was born January of 2021. I don't remember when I got the idea, but a few weeks into the new year I purchased a Ride On Jeep Gladiator on clearance. I was lucky to have gotten it at half price and even luckier that it fit in the back of my jeep. The first thing I did was insert the...
  2. T

    Linda-058 Assistance

    I have been wanting to work on a Linda cosplay for sometime now. However there are slight modifications I want to make to her armour. I was hoping to find someone who is skilled in molding and would be open to a commission of the armour as well as the minor modifications it would entail (to...
  3. HALO Reach ODST custom helmet

    HALO Reach ODST custom helmet

    Inside look cooling, lights and padding
  4. HALO Reach ODST custom helmet

    HALO Reach ODST custom helmet

    Lights activated
  5. HALO Reach Noble Six Helmet

    HALO Reach Noble Six Helmet

    3d printed Noble Six helmet, custom visor. Files by SkookumProps
  6. HALO Reach Noble Six Helmet

    HALO Reach Noble Six Helmet

    3d printed Noble Six helmet, custom visor. Files by SkookumProps
  7. HALO Reach ODST

    HALO Reach ODST

    HALO Reach ODST custom 3d print Files by SkookumProps Visor Pull by Brazen&Bold Productions
  8. Shirou

    Halo Reach custom armor ODST

    My custom Reach armor made by yadielatinopropmaker (instagram) finally arrived! There's lot of parts/accessories that aren't in the pics, but will post them once painted. I'm so happy and it fits great! Helmet is Dutch's cast from Sean Bradley Studio. Will start the paint job this weekend and...
  9. Kobeque

    Props Needler Toy Repaint and Upgrade

    Hey all! First post on here, just got back into Halo and I've completed a few builds recently that I wanted to share here, the first being a repaint and upgrade of a H5 needler toy I got off a website called Costumebox. The mould was actually pretty good and it was decently priced, but the paint...
  10. Robg51

    Props Looking to buy custom helmet!

    Hey everyone! Im new to the scene so i apologize if im doing something wrong here. But im looking to buy a custom grenadier Jorge helmet. I would also like it to have fans in it because i will be wearing it for long periods of time. I dont know too much about material, but i would like to stay...
  11. DxCRAZZ

    Looking to get a spartan suit.

    Hi how’s it going? New around here and at the moment just looking to find someone willing to make me a custom halo spartan armor. Willing to pay and in no rush. Its hayabusa armor from halo 3. But orange and blue color.
  12. SpartanxNation

    my custom Halo Armor

    This is my own design the I am Attempting to transfer into an EVA foam helmet.
  13. PastaMasta9

    Custom Made - Factory Issue - Magnum - Nickname: "Pierre"

    ANOTHER custom weapon model I had made. But the only difference is less used models to make the gun unique. Inspiration for this model was actually taken from Titanfall's RE- 45 assault pistol as well as the smart pistol.
  14. PastaMasta9

    Some Custom Weapon Models I Made

    All of these were made using pre- existing assets from the Armory. put together in SculptGL due to location restraints- I was not on my computer when i made these so that's why they're so bland-ish.
  15. SubXzeroXhero

    Sub's ODST foam build thread

    So starting this thread is actually a little overdue as i had actually started during the holiday season BUT none the less its time to get started. I wanted to be able to get some feedback on my work and also be able to discuss how I went about my process as I am always happy to talk about...
  16. brennan lyons

    ((Custom weapons/armor))

    Never posted before but, ive been thinking about how hard it is for me to find downloadable models or jsut images of custom weapons and armor or kitbashed ones which i very much enjoy making and taking looks at, idk if anyone would be able to find or post images of such things here but i guess i...
  17. Rusty 714

    Custom 3d printed RvB heroclix

    Hey guys! :D I love heroclix! Its one of my favorite table top strategy games! I'm not very good at and I hardly ever win but I still have fun and that's all that matters! :p I also love red vs blue, and I have a 3d printer and so I thought to myself... Why not combine my 3 favorite things...
  18. Sierra 107

    MKIV MJOLNIR - Custom

    Hey all! Been a while since I last posted anything costuming related. I was happy with where I had left off with my Poncho Chief costume, however I have decided to move onto something that I am more enthusiastic about. I am currently working on a project, the details of which I can't exactly...
  19. akiraDNA

    finished my halo custom helmet 2017-2018 / casco halo personalizado

    Hi friends, I'm new to posting here but, maybe someone would like to see my work in this project I am latinomaericano so if I'm wrong I apologize I hope you appreciate it, enjoy and learn tips like me doing it I hope not to publish where it was not .. lol Any questions I will try to answer...
  20. mblackwell1002

    Custom Halo Helmet Project - Based off of personal concept art

    So, this isn't really a type of project that one would typically find on this site. In this build, I will be making a helmet of my own design that is intended to fit in the Halo universe. Here's a break down of the build: At this point in the build, I have mostly drawn the helmet. I still have...
  21. Gizinski117

    3d suit journey (start) custom armor set

    just bought a 3d printer should be here by the end of the week :). but when I look at some of the armor 3d files like the halo 5 ones it has the full suit. I was wondering how to print out one part and delete the others so that I can size the suit of piece by piece, so there the proper size. and...
  22. J

    Custom Cortana Statue WIP

    Hope this is the right forum! Anyways, I've always wanted a good quality Cortana statue, unfortunately ever since the Sideshow one got cancelled there haven't been any. The WETA statue is very nice (and expensive) and has a good concept, but I don't like the figure, it's not detailed enough for...
  23. Electraknite

    Soft Parts Halo Reach Noble 6 custom undersuit

    Hello, Im keeping this thread to just the undersuit. I do plan on making the armor, i just don't know how long it will take me between the two. Here is the plan.. sort of. this thing may or may not end up looking rather modified. Whats happened so far: I made the pattern. I started with...