data chip

  1. Alcidine

    Halo Reach AI Data Chip

    Hello 405th! This is my first forum post, so I'd thought I'd make it a small one. A while ago I modeled the AI data chip from Halo Reach. This was modeled parametrically in Solidworks, so the STL can be whatever I want. If you want the Solidworks file, you can contact me on the Discord.
  2. ReClaimer8015

    FFA series number 23: Cortana Data Chip

    Hello there once again, this has been a long time slumbering somewhere on one of my hardrives...... The snippet during the Infinite trailer where this is shown (announcing the Slipspace-engine) reminded me and i want to share it now. I`ve seen a lot of (i truly mean it) build threads here and...