destiny 2

  1. tahu505

    Destiny 2 Crystocerene Titan Helmet

    I've always been hesitant on making armor from the Destiny series since I feel like my armor changes faster than I could make it, but this is a helmet I'm confident on keeping. Plus I found a good model for it on Etsy and have a had a bit of extra time during spring break. First couple days of...
  2. shadowbreakre

    Destiny- Titan Armor of lamentation - 3D Printable

    Here is the Titan Armor of Lamentation from D1! Personally my favorite titan armor out of both D1 and D2. Scaled for 5'10". Arms and legs are modeled left side to be mirrored right. Like with any 3d printed armor, pieces may need to to be scaled to...
  3. In the workshop

    In the workshop

  4. 5trangerte

    Destiny Damaged Last City Ghost Build

    Thought Id show off my Destiny Ghost for a first post! Its built from Pepakura. Personally I love anything super weathered and battle damaged, so I had to do this shell type. The LED is real and can switch on and off with a discreet button on the back. It's also the first time using LEDS in any...
  5. tahu505

    Destiny 2 Stryker's Sure Hand 3D model

    I decided to make a 3D model of the Stryker's Sure Hand, a sword from Destiny 2. I modeled it entirely in Solidworks. I plan on eventually 3D printing and finishing it, but for now I just wanted to make the model.
  6. DragonWarrior24


    Hi there, I know I haven't been active on the forums in a long time, but I wanted everyone to know that I'm still here, just another venture has occupied my time. Baking and cooking. I'm hosting a VR party where i'm showing a set of Game cookies, It's not Halo related, it's Destiny, but I...
  7. KillerEby

    Destiny hunter build by killer eby

    So starting this off with nothing I am setting forth with the challenge to myself to not use templates from anyone on just the armor. This build I will do an auto rifle that is templated by Andrew DFT. The armor is up to me though. I am starting this mostly to push myself and to help teach me...
  8. Crimmson

    Google stadia

    I signed up for this new game service from google called google stadia but it isnt launching till november. Has anyone else looked into this? It comes with perks and if i read it correctly mobile phone access to games like destiny 2...
  9. Crimmson

    Crimmson Vault

    I have been wanting to make a thread like this for a long time, since destiny 1 vanilla days. the style of destiny, the lore(what little there is) fascinates me such that i can fill in the gaps. i will only be showcasing the weapons i like to use in game or would like to have had in game. I am...
  10. GregorySullens

    Destiny 2 Prop Creation with 3D Printing

    Hello everyone! I thought it would be a good time to start interacting a little more with the community, and I’d like to share my first real go at making my very own prop creation! I spend most of my free time putting together downloaded models, and now finally my very own from start to finish...
  11. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  12. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  13. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  14. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  15. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  16. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  17. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  18. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  19. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  20. Better Devils

    Better Devils

  21. mblackwell1002

    Destiny 2 "Good Bone Structure" Shotgun 3D model

    Hello, guys and gals! Yet another model here...this one's from Destiny 2, hence the title. Bam! I'm pretty pleased with this one. It's a neat looking shotgun. I hope to print this thing off sometime soon(ish) Looking at a few months in the future. Thanks for looking, I hope you've enjoyed...
  22. mblackwell1002

    Destiny 2 "Better Devils" Hand Cannon 3D model

    Hello Everyone! It's been a little while since I posted a 3D project of mine... Today I have solved that problem. Behold, the Better Devils/The Steady Hand/True Prophecy hand cannon! This is just the base pre-release white paintjob. I had considered doing other paintjobs, but I only like the...

    Anyone have a PDO file for Sunshot?

    The only models I can find around are for 3D printers. Has anyone done an unfold for Sunshot from Destiny 2?
  24. Crimmson

    Destiny 2

    Where are all my guardians at? Who is still hyped about destiny as much as me? Who's getting destiny 2? Do you still remember the original thread for the first beta? I do. So if you want to post your gt for destiny 2 or if the clan is still active post it here. Any pics or costume plans etc...