deus ex

  1. ReClaimer8015

    ReClaimers Deus Ex Stuff

    Hi folks, Have been absent for a while.... Did a lot of playing around and am now trying to "manifacture" all these ideas. It`s mostly deus ex related stuff (yes, there are other passions besides halo:lol:) Greetings to all Deus Ex Fans btw! :D This thread should showcase all of those things...
  2. ReClaimer8015

    Mercenary Gold Mask (G.A.R.M) - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    Hey, besides halo i am also working on deus ex related stuff..... Kinda like transhumanist/ cyberpunkish franchises. I wanted to make the mask marchenkos mercenarys wear in the new game (Mankind divided). Tried to do it from scratch, which was hard to do, then realised that there is some info...