1. Misriah Forge

    M395A DMR

    Hi all, This is a repost after having a discussion as to posting Airsoft centred builds here on the 405th. So, for clarity, this build thread is in no way advice or suggestions for doing your own airsoft build, either in regard to airsoft guns or protective equipment. For information on the...
  2. S225

    Halo Reach Spartan Build

    I've finally started building my Reach MKV suit. Years ago I started one with paper and later foam, and now I have begun 3D printing what I hope will be my perfect suit. This is my end goal. Last night the left forearm finished and I will be expanding out from there. After adding some minor...
  3. Lt.Dan

    Props Halo Reach DMR

    Eva foam construction with a wood core for stability. Copper pipes for barrels. Prop size was scaled down 10 percent from the original measurements and it feels much better to hold.
  4. SgtSkittle117

    Props Halo Reach DMR build

    Hey Everyone, I was working a Sliced DMR. the thickness is 5 layers of EVA foam and a few spots buy the rest of it is mostly 3. The scope is not made of foam, it is from a nerf gun and the lens is from sunglasses that I bought from my local Spencer's. I added the line detail from using a lot of...