1. whatever6

    What is the best way to transport a cosplay to convention?

    I want to go to Gamescom in Germany this year. There is a separate area for cosplay. It would actually be my first cosplay con ever, so I don't quite know how it usually works. My question is how best to transport my cosplay to the convention? My cosplay is relatively big and bulky it is the...
  2. D

    Another Doom 2016 praetor suit

    Putting together my own suit Mostly using free files from thingiverse For recycling purposes, using some foam clone trooper armor I made as a base, so won’t be 100% accurate. Also incorporating some eternal elements for fun. This started as a just for fun project and now it’s turned into a...
  3. whatever6

    Yet Another DOOM Slayer Praetor Suit (2016) Build

    ~Editing with recent picture because Google shows the first one in the thread~ Original Thread Start: So I bought the collectors edition of DOOM Eternal a while ago, where you get this really cool looking helmet which you can actually wear. I always wanted to get into cosplay, but I never had...
  4. DavethXL

    Looking for doom slayer Pepakura

    so the title pretty much says it, i'm looking for a doom slayer (any version really, but i'm looking for them all) I know there's previous discussions but the links are either dead or never got an actual response, so i'm making this now. also making it from foam, paper files are fine too, as I...
  5. ike

    DOOM Slayer Praetor Suit

    Hello all! I'm very new to this community--created my account just yesterday. I'm also new to cosplay, as I've always wanted to get into it but never had any chance to until now. I plan to make this cosplay for next year's Anime Expo, so that way I have a ton of time to prepare and won't have to...
  6. operator

    need help unfolding Doomguy

    Can someone who's good with pepakura modeling take a whack at this? link below Quake Doomguy
  7. Drakee

    (Doom 2016) Praetor suit

    Hi everyone! currently attempting to build the Doom 2016 Praetor armor for my next con in October. I've already started on the helmet and also a big thanks to kaween for modeling it. The helmets 3d printed and the rest of the armor when I make it will be foam.
  8. Alana Jayne

    First armor build (Need help)

    Hello everyone! My is Alana, my friend Nick and i are planning our first armor build but we need some advice and help. Nick wants to build a Halo 3 Master Chief suit and I want to build the Praetor suit from DOOM 2016. We know little about EVA foam builds and would like some help. I've looked...