dragoncon 2018

  1. Asgardianhammer

    405th DragonCon Dinner 2018 Mellow Mushroom @4pm EST Saturday Sept. 1st

    After the Photoshoot go get out of gear and come relax with a few drinks, friends and good times for our annual Dinner. Located at Mellow Mushroom, 400 West Peachtree Street Northwest #1, Atlanta, GA 30308 We will be in the balcony area upstairs. Kassie Marlin aka SparkyRed will be your host...
  2. Asgardianhammer

    DragonCon 2018 Photoshoot @1:00PM EST SATURDAY September 1st

    Blackblood aka Blaine Self will be your host for the day. After the parade head to the Peachtree Center food court and have some lunch and cool off. Afterwards head upstairs for the 405th Photoshoot which will begin at 1:00pm. Jeff Meissner will be the Principal Photographer for the day. Check...
  3. Sean Anwalt

    CON 2018

    Hey guys, if you are heading to the Dragon Con 2018, you need to be officially signed up! FANGS had got a thread for signing up, and so far the 405th has only got 20 people going DragonCon 2018 Parade Go here to sign up if you plan on attending, and remember to REPRESENT! the mountain regiment.