1. nerdman234

    WH40K Tech Priest

    Look guys. I made a post. I started this in late August 2020, and have been making slow progress over the winter. This is broken into 4 sections: Mask/Helmet, Mechadendrite, Armor Bits, Fabric Elements. I'll regularly update this as I go and flesh out the sections. This is going to have blinky...
  2. RandomRanger

    Ranger's Wiring Guide

    This guide is written for people who aren’t overly familiar with electronic stuff but still want to produce a high quality product. Supplies For all the supplies, there are many products that will work just as good, but I’ll link the ones I used for simplicity. Resistors (only need 120 ohm)...
  3. MoeSizzlac

    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    Hello all! Just a quick tutorial to make a speaker system for your helmet. Nothing fancy/no programming. Things you will need: 3 AAA Battery Holder One 4.7M ohm 1/4watt resistor One Microphone Amplifier One Sound Amplifier One Speaker wire and solder supplies Step 1: Wire up the speaker...
  4. mike bike

    Helmet fan set up

    I just put together a little fan circuit, i noticed the battery gets a little warm when its on is that normal? Does anyone have mounting tips for attaching it? Im using a 9v battery, a toggle switch that the contacts are rated at 125vac 1a at 250VAC and a 12VDC mini fan. put those details...