1. RandomRanger

    Ranger's Wiring Guide

    This guide is written for people who aren’t overly familiar with electronic stuff but still want to produce a high quality product. Supplies For all the supplies, there are many products that will work just as good, but I’ll link the ones I used for simplicity. Resistors (only need 120 ohm)...
  2. MoeSizzlac

    Simple Helmet Speaker System

    Hello all! Just a quick tutorial to make a speaker system for your helmet. Nothing fancy/no programming. Things you will need: 3 AAA Battery Holder One 4.7M ohm 1/4watt resistor One Microphone Amplifier One Sound Amplifier One Speaker wire and solder supplies Step 1: Wire up the speaker...
  3. mike bike

    Helmet fan set up

    I just put together a little fan circuit, i noticed the battery gets a little warm when its on is that normal? Does anyone have mounting tips for attaching it? Im using a 9v battery, a toggle switch that the contacts are rated at 125vac 1a at 250VAC and a 12VDC mini fan. put those details...