elite (sangheili)

  1. A

    Halo 4/5 elite head with Halo Reach field marshal helmet (pics)

    So this isn't the first build I've ever done, actually far from it haha. But I finally made this account just to learn more from all of you. And I'd say I'm okay at best. Any tips and tricks you guys have to offer will always be greatly appreciated. Don't really know what else to say haha so...
  2. Revenant1988

    Legendary Wall Trophy (V3)

    So I've been making these things since 2014, but never got around to posting a build thread. Well, no more! The design has gone through several changes over the years and I'm currently on version 3.0 of the kit. I do have plans for a V4. Originally I wanted to make one because I've always...
  3. FireBlaze97

    Custom Elite build

    So I've been planning out doing a custom Sanfheili build of my personal character, however, I'm trying to wrap my head around making the mold bits for it. I'm reading people use pepakura to read the files posted in resources, but from them, I was learning you need to unfold and print out each...
  4. Yelsanick0117

    Foam Thel Vadamee cosplay pre Arbiter

    About a year ago, i started making plans to build Fleetmaster Thel Vadamee from Halo 2 Anniversary. I love that design of Elite and of course the character and had to build a cosplay. Over the past year i made my own templates, went thru tons of trial and error, and finally finished the cosplay...
  5. Pareeeee

    Halo 1 Sangheili Elite helmet files needed

    Hello, New to pepakura but not to cosplay. I want to make a Halo: Combat Evolved Sangheili Elite foam costume for an upcoming con - but can't find a helmet pepakura .pdo file anywhere! I downloaded the "Halo: Combat Evolved - Sangheili (Elite) 1.1" files from this site, but somehow there is no...
  6. HeadLocks

    Halo 3: Shipmaster (Half Jaw) Build W.I.P!!

    Hello all! There's an Elite sized hole in my heart, so today marks day one of filling it! I plan to complete The Shipmaster (his name is Rtas Vadum so lets go with that from now on) by February 2018 just in time for RTX Sydney. Thanks for looking, I'll be updating this thread regularly over...
  7. alorix

    Elite Cosplay.

    It never seems like there are many Elite costumes so I wanted to try to make one. I tried to do a Minor but the helmet didn't turn out well. I have the digi leg stils and some practice with helmets. I'm wondering if anyone happens to have halo 4/5 Zealot armor?
  8. Art Andrews

    Halo: Combat Evolved - Elite Skull Trophy 1.0

    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists. Contents of zip-file: halo-ce-elite-skull-trophy.pdo Modeler: Unknown
  9. Art Andrews

    Halo: Combat Evolved - Sangheili (Elite) 1.1

    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists. Contents of zip-file: halo-ce-covenant-sangheili-elite-chest.pdo Modeler: Garland halo-ce-covenant-sangheili-elite-forearm-left.pdo Modeler: Garland halo-ce-covenant-sangheili-elite-forearm-right.pdo Modeler...