1. PastaMasta9

    Halo 4/5 Storm Elite files

    So i'm looking for Armor less Storm Elite files of any kind. preferably obj files if possible. does anyone have a lead onto where I can find said file(s)? something i'm referring to. (this is a png i found somewhere.)
  2. FireBlaze97

    Custom Elite build

    So I've been planning out doing a custom Sanfheili build of my personal character, however, I'm trying to wrap my head around making the mold bits for it. I'm reading people use pepakura to read the files posted in resources, but from them, I was learning you need to unfold and print out each...
  3. Pareeeee

    Halo 1 Sangheili Elite helmet files needed

    Hello, New to pepakura but not to cosplay. I want to make a Halo: Combat Evolved Sangheili Elite foam costume for an upcoming con - but can't find a helmet pepakura .pdo file anywhere! I downloaded the "Halo: Combat Evolved - Sangheili (Elite) 1.1" files from this site, but somehow there is no...
  4. MajWood

    Starting Elite Honor guard

    hey there folks, I’m finally doing a passion project that I’ve wanted to do for years! Elite Honor guard from Halo 2, I hope to be done with it before halo infinite and the anual Florence minor league baseball game this coming year. Much thanks to blind luck for coming upon the post by Cadet...
  5. HaloHunterChief

    Elite Costume Help!!!!!

    I am planning on making a elite suit that is just a basic elite that I can customize with different armors but I am having trouble finding a basic model to pep do any of u guys have a model or know a place