1. SonOfTheGun

    Halo Reach Mark V EVA/Emile build

    I am just starting in on my first build ever, and I decided to start off strong by building Emile's armor from Reach. I have posted a few questions in different threads, but i figured I would keep everything simple and confine my scatterbrain to just one thread and post my progress and my...
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    The visor didn't turn out the way that I had hoped. Originally I tried vacuum forming it, but I could not get the PETG hot enough using a heat gun. If I revisit vacuum forming I will need a stable, stronger heating element. As of right now, I can only see through the eyes.
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  12. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Reach - Noble 4 - Emile -A239 - Mark 5 armor set including Helmet

    Link: Halo Reach - Noble 4 - Emile -A239 - Mark 5 armor set including Helmet This is an armor set remixed from a Pepakura armor files uploaded on the 405th.com forum. I didn't have one source for the pdo files so I will just link to the 5 posts where I got most of the files that I then turned...
  13. Z

    Emile 3D Printed Helmet

    Does anyone know where I can find a 3D print file for Emile's helmet? I will pay for it if need be. There is one on Thingiverse but its a little rough. There was also another guy, Dutch Props, that had one, but he appears to have disappeared, not responding to any of my messages and he hasn't...
  14. Lasrig

    Props Halo Reach M45 Tactical Shotgun WIP

    Hey everyone! I haven't been posting much on here, but I'm going to try and post more! The current project is the M45 Tactical Shotgun from Halo Reach. My plan is: (will update as I go) 3D print individual parts Sand each part smooth Glue everything together Sand/ bondo/ spot putty Wet sand...
  15. Electraknite

    Reach Jun Build (Foam/fibreglass + custom undersuit)

    (Reserved for finished pics) In depth tutorial for undersuit on page 9
  16. LynxTheAssassin

    How to make Emile's helmet decal???

    I have been searching all over on how to make the skull decal on Emile's helmet from halo reach, and so i came on here to ask for some help on how to make it or if somebody knows where i can buy one that would be great too!!!! Thanks!!!!