1. SonOfTheGun

    Need advice making one way mirrored visor

    Hey all, I am just starting on my first build and i decided to go with Emile from Reach. I am 3d printing the entire helmet other than the visor and will probably use the 3d print to make a fiberglass mold. My question begins with the visor. I am going to try and heat form acrylic sheeting...
  2. SonOfTheGun

    how to EVA foam??

    Hey everyone, I am brand new to the 405th and to cosplay as a whole and decided to hit the ground running by building a full suit of Emile's armor from Halo: reach. I am 3d printing the helmet and have no problems there, but I have no idea how to even start with EVA foam. I have watched...
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    The visor didn't turn out the way that I had hoped. Originally I tried vacuum forming it, but I could not get the PETG hot enough using a heat gun. If I revisit vacuum forming I will need a stable, stronger heating element. As of right now, I can only see through the eyes.
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  12. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Reach - Noble 4 - Emile -A239 - Mark 5 armor set including Helmet

    Link: Halo Reach - Noble 4 - Emile -A239 - Mark 5 armor set including Helmet This is an armor set remixed from a Pepakura armor files uploaded on the 405th.com forum. I didn't have one source for the pdo files so I will just link to the 5 posts where I got most of the files that I then turned...