1. Z

    Pepakura Kevlar cosplay

    I wanted to make a Master Chief cosplay using the fiberglass method, where you use pepakura to build the armor with paper and then cover it with epoxy and fiberglass, just that instead of fiberglass i wanted to use only kevlar. How many layers should i use to make it resistant enough to serve...
  2. Ichan

    WIP - My Masterchief MK VI build

    Hello y'all! I've seen a few post of other people sharing their builds, so here I am adding my stuff ;) I actually don't have any questions regarding this project, I just want to share it. I am making the base out of pepakura. Then I will be adding fiberglass and epoxy, to make the armor...
  3. VerdantTrash

    Finished pep, but resin? Too many choices! Need help ; - ;

    I've probably watcher Cereal Kill3r's videos a thousand times over and I've decided to go with Epoxy Laminating resin. My question is: Is this stuff good enough? It seems cheap for epoxy. {{model.productMeta.WebStoreDisplayName}} If it isn't, what are my alternatives? Unfortunately I'm not...