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  1. Spartan853

    Wanting to build MC armour from halo 4 or 5

    Team, I'm new here. I've been wanting to make the jump and make an as accurate as possible halo armour from halo 4 or 5. I have a few questions. Is it worth 3d printing, doing it in foam or buying the prestige costume and modifying. I have a bit of experience with working with 3d prints as...
  2. Yesu88

    1st Build Yesu88's Halo 3 ODST Build

    Hey all, I'm about to begin making my first Halo cosplay, which is going to be an ODST suit from Halo 3. I've gotten a set of templates from the armory and I've also gathered some reference images. I'll be using EVA foam, so I'll have to scale everything to my body size first. I hope to get...
  3. HALO Reach custom armor (old design)

    HALO Reach custom armor (old design)

    Made mostly with eva foam A few changed were made but no new pictures (yet)
  4. NewBrody

    1st Build Thread

    Hey all! So after years of being an observer of Schankerz and his build I've decided to be an observer no more. A couple months ago I started my own cosplay build of a reach spartan. I plan to go commando with the helmet and left shoulder and recon with the right. Been super impressed with all...
  5. Metheni

    1st Build First Build - ODST

    This is my first ever cosplay, so it's a little rough, but it's so fun, and I'm learning tones. Started making this a few months ago. It's a mix of reach and halo 3 odst parts. I wanted to make my life as easy as possible, so I did 3d print some parts, some are made of EVA foam, and the helmet...
  6. HaloReach1827

    Best method of helmet and armor making (halo reach)

    Pepakura, 3D printing, Eva foam, which one gets the best details and looks?
  7. SonOfTheGun

    how to EVA foam??

    Hey everyone, I am brand new to the 405th and to cosplay as a whole and decided to hit the ground running by building a full suit of Emile's armor from Halo: reach. I am 3d printing the helmet and have no problems there, but I have no idea how to even start with EVA foam. I have watched...
  8. Yelsanick0117

    H2A Elite Head Sculpt

    I started this sculpt a few weeks ago. I intend to mold with Rebound 25 silicone and then cast with FlexFoam-it X. I want to replace my original EVA foam Elite head that i made for HOD a couple years ago and also make casts available to those who want one if i'm able to pull it off successfully...
  9. BigMoney911

    Spray Paint - MOLOTOW brand? Enamel vs Acrylic for Foam?

    Hey team, almost finished my Halo CE Build. I'm looking for the right shade of Green. I'm in NZ so I don't have access to Kryolan, and Rustoleum is limited. Luckily, the local Art Store has a tonne of spraypaint available in the MOLOTOW Range, which is specifically marketed towards Graffiti...
  10. Spartan J114

    Spartan 114's Mjolnir MK V Armour

    How's it going everyone. I'm Spartan 114 and I've been a Halo cosplayer/prop maker for about 3 years now and I've been using the 405th website for most of my journey. I never posted anything because of my lack of quality camera, I have recently replaced my old phone with a new one and as such I...
  11. ODCA

    Halo legends kelly (child size)

    I recently got commissioned to build kelly's halo legends/the package armor for a child I'll be using the master chief forward unto dawn pepakura files, since they're pretty similar, and i'm not doing a very detailed build, to adjust to the client's budget and deadline (3 weeks) I also used...
  12. IMG_20200709_033912.jpg


  13. Mortimus

    Halo 5 Fred-104: Foam Techsuit and Armor build

    Hey! My name is Mortimush and so far this is my second build, but my first thread of my own to document the progress... so first build post! My first build was based on the Halo 3 ODST thanks to my friends purchasing me a Halo 3 ODST helmet cast in resin. Now I want to do a Spartan build! I am...
  14. midnightranger

    Foam My ODST foam build

    Hello I’m new here and I am making my second ODST build. My first build was a couple of years ago and it was the Andrew DFT ODST templates I and it turned out fine, but I wanted more detail and game accuracy so I purchased the Hero’s Workshop foam pepakura templates and have been using those. I...
  15. Fallen

    Foam Guide

    Contributors: RandomRanger , Fallen Introduction This is a tutorial targeted at beginners to help understand what EVA foam is, the different types of EVA foam available, how and where to buy EVA foam, and some basic tips/tricks/and tools for working with EVA foam. Index What is EVA foam? What...
  16. 939.jpeg


    Me in my odst costume
  17. RUST

    Foam ODST Foam build Feet/ Boots first into hell

    Hello there 405th Fam! Been WAY to long since my last project , but now that I finally have some free time, I’m hoping to finally make my helljumper some Boot armor so I can properly drop “feet first into hell”. I’m pretty wet behind the ears with EVA foam working, and was wondering what all...
  18. OJ102

    Hardening select parts of eva foam armour

    Hi there, Im lookjng into posible ways of toughening up my armour prior to painting. Its a ironman endgame model. To help woth details i broke each component down into 3 layers. Outerlayer - these are the plates of armour over areas that wont need to flex. Base layer- these are the areas in...
  19. OJ102

    Hand to Forarm Joint

    Hey there, I'm in the process of building an Iron Man Mark 50 Suit, im working my way through modifying the templates and building it with low density foam, adapting them until perfect then making them in High Density foam. I've hit a snag however and thought someone else might have a work...
  20. OJ102

    Iron Man Mark 50 custom version

    Hey there, I thought id share a progression story of my first build. A mark 50 Iron Man suit. Its a thin shell design with a LOT of surface details to fight with. A year ago i started working with pepakura as a hobby after an opperation and for 9 months successfully failed to produce a single...
  21. RUST

    Foam Edits to my chest armor

    Yo wonderful people of the 405th, question time. I’ve been trying to give my chest piece more of that “Hell jumper look” by making the bottom of the chest more curved. It’s completely Eva foam, so I was thinking maybe light use from a heat gun would do the trick, but I didn’t want to mess up the...
  22. C

    Building with EVA Foam compared to Pepakura/Papercraft?

    Hello again 405th I still consider myself a beginner ive made afew things now and im loving the craft and community My only downside is I have used only EVA Foam so far and at first glance Pepakura looks a little complicated to use those Templates on EVA foam but im aware alot of people do...
  23. ItSpartan116

    Halo Eva Foam Marine

    I am working on this Marine armor for a church project and I think it will turn out pretty well when done with it
  24. SGT Razor

    Never Skip Leg Day - My ODST Leg Armor Upgrades

    Since I rushed my ODST build and used Andrew DFT's templates in order to make it in time for Planet Comicon KC this year, I wasn't too happy with the shins and thigh armor. It's hard to drop feet first into hell if you don't have the proper leg protection, so let's get to work: I wish I had...
  25. C

    Advice/tips for newbies working with EVA foam

    Greetings 405th members! Im a new member i just finished creating my first Helmet (an ODST one) now i was curious as a new member is there any advice/tips some of the more advanced creators and Senior members of the community could suggest for us newbies especially with working with EVA foam...