eva foam

  1. Tetanuran

    First time spartan build, any good tutorials?

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to halo costuming, my first build was a DFT style ODST for last Katsucon. I've decided to tackle a full spartan build, specifically the classic Halo 3 Mk VI armor (partly because I already have the Rubies deluxe H3 chief helmet, which I'll just need to repaint and...
  2. P

    WIP halo 3 CQB progress.

    Hey y'all. This is my 2nd ever halo build ever. Had some difficulty and right now it's just a rough assembly, but will be more refined as the process goes on. C&c welcome, as always. However, please try to keep criticism constructive.
  3. lildeadmangame

    looking for eva foam templates for ODST

    hi im new here looking for eva foam templates for ODST. im having a hard time finding them.
  4. Begocer

    First time EVA Foam ODST

    Hey everyone! I don't know about the rest of you but I'm someone who's just a little too obsessed with the soldiers we all know and love as ODSTs. It's an armor style I've always found to be interesting and figured after years of dreaming and going through life said to myself: "Hey, why don't...
  5. Mysterythetiger

    First time building with EVA

    Hello everyone. I'm MysterytheTiger and I've been lurking in the shadows here for quite some time looking at all your awesome builds in all these cool and exotic materials. Especially all these super cool helmets, body armour and weapons you people put together and strike me with awe and even a...
  6. Manu

    Thinner EVA Foam mats ?

    So i have to build some parts for my armor (helmet, forearm, shoulder, bicep) again since they don`t fit me anymore. I bought new foam mats recently and they are around 3-4 mm`s thinner than the ones i used previously. Now i just wanted to ask if its a problem if the mats are a bit thinner or if...
  7. OTSDerpy


    Friends! Cohorts! I have good news, I have begun process of the "MK II." So far I have completed the torso piece of a file from vidofnir234 on the Halo 4 pack. My process so far. Pepakura has been very helpful than the last build, though that doesn't mean I wont use the same techniques from time...
  8. thatdamnjodie

    Republic Commando Delta 62 Build

    First non-Halo suit build attempt and I couldn't think of anything better to build than a Republic Commando. In particular, Delta-62. --- --- BUILD STATUS: Helmet: Complete Chestpiece/torso: Complete Backpack: Complete Shoulders and biceps: Complete Gauntlets: Complete Codpiece: Complete...
  9. L

    Foam Armour

    Can anyone give me some advise on making EVA foam spartan armour? And how to make foam templates maybe? I have made a ODST suit prior but i am having a hard time finding resources to make spartan armour out of EVA. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  10. zigzwag

    Garrus EVA build (Pictures)

    Hello all Zigzwag props here! Before I get into things I would like to post up my affiliated pages. Feel free to follow along with all my Cosplay Shenanigans there :) Zigzwag Props & Armor Joseph Donald Clairmont (@zigzwagprops) • Instagram photos and videos Anyways, This project has been...
  11. SkyBox

    EVA Foam Vs Alternatives?

    Hey I am new to Costume and Prop making and I am both a Star wars and a Halo Fanboy if you want to call it... And I really want to make costumes for both however I have a bit of a problem, Here using EVA Foam seems to be fine among users and whatnot however over on another Costume Form the MMCC...
  12. TOWLBiscuits

    Halo Reach Mjolnir Mk V - foam build

    Hey all, It's been awhile scene I've posted any of my work so I may as well get a new thread going. This time I'm jumping on the trend of NSW Aussies building Reach armour and once again I'm aiming for Supanova in June. So far I've got the legs and arms done. I'm planning on using...
  13. SkyBox

    EVA Foam question.

    Hi I am new to costume making and have been messing around with it for about a week mostly with cutting and stuff and I am trying to follow a tutorial series on youtube that can help me get started, it tells you to heat the EVA foam to the point where is moldable however I don't know what point...
  14. C

    First Project - EODish

    Hello, I'm working on my first project with EVA and I was wondering if anyone had done patterns/templates for a full EOD torso? Also, not really sure what to do with the helmet (pictures soon). I know it needs something around the chin/mouth area but I'm not sure what to do with it... -UPDATE...
  15. CrimsonViper97

    EVA ODST Armor (Completed)

    So I'm super new to this forum and it's like four in the morning here in Chicago but I'm so excited to get involved in this forum that I can't wait any longer. About a year ago, after spending a weekend at Anime Midwest, I was feeling particularly inspired and started on an ODST BDU...
  16. S

    ODST armor eva foam pepakure file?

    Hello, trying to find where i can get the entire ODST armor for eva foam pepakura, been looking but no luck, can anyone give links to download it? :(
  17. D

    Fallout: New Vegas NCR Armor Build (Help?)

    So I've been planning to build some sort of EVA foam armor for a while now, I have foam heat gun knives basically all of the tools I need but I've had trouble with a few things. 1. I couldn't decide on armor that I liked and would be easy 2. Templates are a pain to find (at least for me) 3...
  18. Bumblebee1188

    New Reach Build WIP

    I've been working on a 2nd Reach Build since last summer, but i've mostly only been posting about it on my Facebook profile. Right now i don't have access to my page, Spartan 1188, and i'm going to try and get it back. Anyways, I've completed the knees, thighs, biceps, shoulders, and spine. The...
  19. TheSafariMan

    Props Halo 3 Turret (AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun)

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a project I worked on over the summer, in the form of a Halo 3 Turret! Always thought it would be cool to have one of these, and after watching a video on YouTube by William Jakespeare on how to make a working Gatling gun I thought the same idea can be applied...
  20. S

    Destiny Spektar Build (Completely from scratch EVA foam)

    Hey all, I have been working on this suit for a very long time but I have finally finished. If you guys have any questions or comments please feel free to give me a holla, either on here on on my youtube channel (I check youtube regularly).... Anyways I will be uploading some more professional...