1. BigDaveActual

    EVA/Fiberglass Hybrid Master Chief Build

    Howdy! Lost the info for my old account so here I am on the new one! Just wanted to share my first armor build with y'all! I don't have many pics of the build process but I collected all I could. This build was about 3-4 years ago. THE BUILD: I made the base out of EVA and painted it but...
  2. FoamRookieActor

    ODST EVA Halo Reach helmet

    Hello guys! This is my first post I want to make an ODST EVA foam helmet build. I already have Andrew DFT's files printed and am wondering how to carry on. Should I make a cardboard model of it to see if I like it, Should I jump right into making it outta foam, or should I do something else? Any...
  3. L

    Halo 3 EVA visor

    Hello everyone! this is my first post here as a member of the 405th, I've also just started my first halo cosplay, the meta from RVB. and I've hit a dead end in terms of visors, there is only 1 visor up on Etsy for sale but don't know if it will fit my helmet, I was hoping some of you might have...
  4. Fallen

    Foam Guide

    Contributors: RandomRanger , Fallen Introduction This is a tutorial targeted at beginners to help understand what EVA foam is, the different types of EVA foam available, how and where to buy EVA foam, and some basic tips/tricks/and tools for working with EVA foam. Index What is EVA foam? What...
  5. Gwaar

    Foam New EVA sealing method

    Hello 405th members! This is my first post, i have not built anything yet but i am gathering supplies for an ODST build. I am a brand new member but i have over a decade of auto body and aviation experience. I believe i have found an excellent solution for sealing EVA foam to last for a long...
  6. Brandon Lanning

    Commission artist suggestions

    I know that this site mainly focuses on people creating their own sets of armor but I've run into a few problems of my own for the 2 years I've been trying to get my set done myself. To just lay it all out there, I have tourette's syndrome. Maybe you guys out there have heard of it, but for...
  7. Phauxelate

    Phauxelates's Mk. VI EVA Foam Build [Project Status: Done! New build thread link on my profile]

    (Throughout this thread, I will be editing the content in the bottom of this main post with what I'm currently working on, and what I have thought of/what I was recommended to work on) Hello! First time maker here! I've made a couple other props, but not anything as big as a full foam cosplay...
  8. Phauxelate

    Indoor Painting w/ EVA Foam?

    "Greetings, humans, and welcome to Installation 405. Ignore prior warnings, and please continue on this thread." So here the gist: I'm almost done hot-gluing my Mk. IV Spartan Armor, and it's coming high timey time to start to paintn' the pieces silly. Now, I live in the sweet, sweet college...
  9. E

    ODST WIP - Need Help

    Hello, first post! I've recently made my first ever helmet, and attached images to this thread. I was wondering what the easiest way to fill in the cracks and make it seem smooth is? I live in the UK so any suggestions of what to buy or where to buy would be really helpful! Thanks in advance...
  10. vRinzler

    Knife Vs. Hot Knife

    Wondering about the pros and cons of using a regular knife (X-Acto or Razor Blade, Etc.) vs a hot knife. If there's a thread already out there sorry for a repost but just wondering what works best!
  11. Lemonade

    Lemonade's Halo Reach Foam Build WIP

    Hi I'm Lemonade and I'm making Halo: Reach female spartan armor. 7 years ago I made a pepakura/fiberglass orange Master Chief suit (Grif), and now that it's old and worn, and I've lost some weight between now and then (go me!), I figured it was time for something new. So while this isn't my...
  12. fridgeghost

    Copperhead-class Mjolnir armor - EVA foam project

    Hi, I'm fridgeghost and this is where my journey of building a Halo spartan armor begins. If you want to know more about me, check out the link to my introduction post. Let's talk crafting. Like I said in the headline, I want to make the Copperhead-class Mjolnir armor like it is worn by Olympia...
  13. SgtSkittle117

    Props Halo 3 Flamethrower Build

    Hey everyone, I decided to build 2 Halo 3 Flamethrowers, One for my friend and One for me. The Total length is 52.5 inches. I will post pictures as I progress further with it.
  14. mike bike

    First attempt on my foam

    looks pretty good but probably 3 times bigger then it should be so time to downsize and try again
  15. DisasterRus

    Mine ODST(Reach) Build

    It was my first work experience with a EVA FOAM. I was crafting it for a month(with painting) For a visor I used a sunscreen membrane and some transparent plastic And i decide to share my result) P.S.Sorry for my English P.S.S. I repaint the armor for a Buck(but I still need to add some details)
  16. OTSDerpy


    Friends! Cohorts! I have good news, I have begun process of the "MK II." So far I have completed the torso piece of a file from vidofnir234 on the Halo 4 pack. My process so far. Pepakura has been very helpful than the last build, though that doesn't mean I wont use the same techniques from time...
  17. mawrTRON

    The mawrTRON Procedure™ - Water Based Paint Tutorial

    The weird way mawrTRON uses acrylic paints on foam Introduction: This is a comprehensive guide on how to use acrylic paints to paint/weather armour the way I do.. After using rattle cans on my first 2 suits I decided to give acrylic paints a try. A part from the low cost and low toxicity of...
  18. SI3RRA 117

    Introducing Spitfire Company 3D Print + EVA foam

    Hey everyone, so I guess this is it. My latest work in progress. Been holding this one in my back pocket for a bit. But I've got one helmet almost completed and couldn't wait ......... and a little nudge from PerniciousDuke ;) I had recently completed my very first build for Halloween last...
  19. zigzwag

    Garrus EVA build (Pictures)

    Hello all Zigzwag props here! Before I get into things I would like to post up my affiliated pages. Feel free to follow along with all my Cosplay Shenanigans there :) Zigzwag Props & Armor Joseph Donald Clairmont (@zigzwagprops) • Instagram photos and videos Anyways, This project has been...
  20. TOWLBiscuits

    Halo Reach Mjolnir Mk V - foam build

    Hey all, It's been awhile scene I've posted any of my work so I may as well get a new thread going. This time I'm jumping on the trend of NSW Aussies building Reach armour and once again I'm aiming for Supanova in June. So far I've got the legs and arms done. I'm planning on using...
  21. D

    EOD build... Damascus Paintjob?

    Hello everybody. I'm currently engaged in making a Foam EOD build, and have been trying to decide what sort of color scheme I would like. I dig the idea of white, kinda looks stormtrooper-y. But last night I was thinking maybe, just maybe it'd look cool as an 'unpainted' metal. To which I...
  22. SpartanNumber623

    EVA seam lines??

    This may have already been posted. If so, I'm sorry (I did look through the forums but couldn't find this thread exactly). So, I've gotten pretty decent at armor, but some of my weapons (non-Halo) need to be bulky, so I must make a right and left. Once everything is finished, the details look...