1. Halo 3 E.O.D

    Halo 3 E.O.D

    Doing a E.O.D Medic for shits and giggles
  2. B

    Hey, extremely new here and I'm looking for a good ODST templet.

    As the title says, I'm VERY new here (only joined a few hours ago). Recently, I've been wanting to do an ODST Cosplay. I originally wanted to do an E.O.D. costume but it was a bit too ambitious for someone who's NEVER done cosplay before so I decided to go with an ODST instead. I looked around...
  3. Rock Lobbster

    Lobbsters v2 ODST and Flip Visor Update

    Hey all, I dropped into Sci Fi Valley Con with the Colonial Regiment and brought my v2 ODST with me! Really pleased with the repaint and cannot wait for more pictures. This is the version that has a functioning flip visor, I plan on making the more comprehensive tutorial soon! The sharpshooter...