1. MyrHerder

    Spartan needed in Ottawa Feb 4

    My wife works for a video game developer in Toronto. She has an event in Ottawa on February 4th from 5:30-8:30pm, and we're looking for a Halo cosplayer. We would prefer Master Chief, but if not, a Spartan or trooper would be great. We're requesting a Tier 3 if available. Please DM for more...
  2. Rocket

    Consolidated Event Calendar

    Is there a consolidated event calendar anywhere (like Google Calendar or whatever) where we can see all 405th related and friendly events and gatherings are happening?
  3. brkiker

    Barnes and Noble's Get Pop-culture Event

    I'm probably a horrible squad leader because I just realized that it's been almost a month since Fire Team Poseidon participated in Barnes and Noble's Get Pop-culture Event. The long and short of it was a small special event put on by Barnes and Noble across the nation, I think, promoting...
  4. Sierra 107

    405AUS Event Calender: 2017

    In this thread details events that the Australian Regiment will be participating in from 1JAN to 31NOV. At this point in time, there are likely to be events such as photo-shoots, building days and others, while there are also others that people may suggest. Please post in this thread if you're...