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  1. ZiggyGrimm

    Help Needed: Nuka Cola T-51b Mod - The Nuka Cola Dark Knight

    Hi folks, welcome Bathesda to the Microsoft family... but as many fans of Bethesda know, modders often have to fix the issues bestowed upon us by the devs. This is no different for the cosplay loot provided by Bethesda. I'm sure a few of you have heard that the Nuka Cola T-51b helmets had a...
  2. T

    Cardstock VS Printer Paper

    Printer paper VS Cardstock So, I am made a Fallout T-45 power armour helmet (made out of printer paper right now ), and I was wondering if I should scrap the helmet and use cardstock? I tried using that at first but It was really hard to fold. First build so we have a noob here.