fallout new vegas

  1. D

    Progress so far.

    Update 7/15/22! I've learned a few things while doing this build. Chief among them: difficulty - hard mode. I've been thinking of how to do things better, how to not do things, and trying to currently wrap my head around the different stages I need to build from start to almost-finish sections...
  2. PlanetAlexander

    Fallout New Vegas Ranger but Dumb (& 3D Environment)

    It felt weird not writing a build thread for this costume, plus I know it's great for feedback, so here I am. For a while I've been wanting to make a Fallout NV NCR Ranger. Not only is the uniform hecking awesome, but it's also lightly armoured so it's easy to walk around in. Also, the ranger...
  3. S

    Another NCR Ranger Veteran (WIP)

    Hello all. Coming back to this forum cuz you guys are nice and helpful. As you could tell from the title I'm making a ranger veteran costume and I figured I could show you guys my progress. Any tips, pointers, advice, and suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Right now I'm working on the...