1. HaloReachGeneral

    Looking for advice on cooling one's Helmet

    Hello all! Spartan-095 here. So i'm chugging away on my Halo Reach Mk VI Helmet and I wanted to put one, maybe two fans in my helmet but i have seen two methods and wanted to see what you all think. Method number one would be going with one or two of these fans the reviews are a little up and...
  2. Sean Anwalt

    Props Mountain Regiment booth build

    Progress on the Mountain Regiment booth is going to be slow. So far I am the only one working on it, and it is not really a huge priority in my life, since real life comes first and such, but I think this idea has some real potential. Please let me know if something seems wrong or if there is a...
  3. mike bike

    Helmet fan set up

    I just put together a little fan circuit, i noticed the battery gets a little warm when its on is that normal? Does anyone have mounting tips for attaching it? Im using a 9v battery, a toggle switch that the contacts are rated at 125vac 1a at 250VAC and a 12VDC mini fan. put those details...