1. ReClaimer8015

    FFA series number 23: Cortana Data Chip

    Hello there once again, this has been a long time slumbering somewhere on one of my hardrives...... The snippet during the Infinite trailer where this is shown (announcing the Slipspace-engine) reminded me and i want to share it now. I`ve seen a lot of (i truly mean it) build threads here and...
  2. ReClaimer8015

    FFA series number 22: Janus Key

    Happy New Year to y`all! To continue the series, i give you this model to play with. Another little item i personally found interesting: The Janus Key - as i interpret it. Don`t tell Halsey, i think she would try everything to get her hands, aheem cough...... her hand on it:p Here my...
  3. ReClaimer8015

    FFA series number 21: Halo Index

    Hi you Guys, i always liked the Idea of the FFA and would love to see it go on and spread around. Somewhat recently i had a chat with mblackwell1002 He encouraged me to contribute to this series, so here we go! I am also interested in props other than weapons, especially technical gadgets and...