fiberglass question

  1. valkydesigns

    Debate: Foam or Fiberglass

    Hey guys! So I am a very big noob for any armor made from either foam alone or fiberglass. I want to start building my first Spartan armor and let me tell you, I am VERY picky. I made multiple armors in the past using foam covered in Worbla and I am aware that this is really not the best option...
  2. AdAstraCosplay

    How much fiberglass for armor?

    I've started the Halo Combat Evolved armor project with the files by Art Andrews, and I was wondering: how much fiberglass resin do I need for this project? I've got a quart already, but I'm nearly certain that won't be enough, and I would like a better look at what the overall cost is going to be.
  3. Lord of Reach

    First post, need help with fiberglass

    Hi! I've been reading a lot of tutorials before I started to build my armor, but I haven't found anything about my problem. I started working on my own armor like a week ago, but before that I was making Andrew dft's ODST foam armor, but I just didn´t like how it was looking, and the helmet...
  4. SkyBox

    Bondo & Fiberglass Question

    Hi, I am in the early stages of my Halo 5 Noble Gen 2 Armor build I am currently just cutting all the paper out for each of the armor parts and putting them into seperate boxes so I dont have to worry about them till later. (except for a few pieces which seem very complex to unfold. Mostly the...