1. HaloReach1827

    Halo Reach Noble Six Replica cosplay

    Hey guys! I'm new to Halo Cosplay but have an undying love for Halo Reach and Noble six! I'm planning to make a cosplay for the character but need help and pointers so I don't screw up. I'm looking into more of a pepakura process with bondo and fiber glass but i need more info regarding that...
  2. Rock Lobbster

    Files for 3D Printing, Where do I Find Them?

    3d printing is one of the newer methods in costume creation and is also quite popular with 3d printers being as accessible as they are. Now the question is, "where do I find files?" Allow me to help! I've been printing for 3 years now and have had over 5 years of experience with 3d printers as a...
  3. ConnorCreator

    1st Build Halo reach build start to finish

    Alright guys so instead of posting a thread everytime I make some progress and flooding the forums, I’m just going to add my progress pictures to the comments of this thread! I’m pretty far along! I was told people like seeing the process and luckily I’ve been documenting the whole thing!
  4. Hakuru15

    Anyone has any pdo files on a Starcraft BroodWar classic Marine armour?

    Hey guys in the future I'm planning to try and do something non-halo and want to try and make my very own classic starcraft marine armor, the classic starcraft art style has always been one of my favorites growing up as a kid. The cosplays I've seen now from the Starcraft community is mostly...
  5. Shon

    Helioskrill Armor

    Hi, I'm really eager to make a helioskrill suit, but I cannot find armor files anywhere. The ones in the armory are just the helmet and the wrist piece and even then the helmet isn't 100% accurate with the visor being to long and what not. Does anyone happen to have any unfolded pepakura files...
  6. MFStudios

    Are all pep files usable for foam? Or do I need certain files?

    I've been battling with pepakura for a few years coming now. And I always played with the idea of doing the foam versions of the suit. However I need to know! Do I have to have foam versions of the same files I use to make the suit via paper? Or can I just use the same files I already have and...
  7. ReClaimer8015

    ReClaimers 3d handplates thread

    As mentioned: a little tinkering Cause it`s fune to do some sorts off smaller projects.... It doesn`t have to be a complete suit out of the 3dprinter - just add these to your pepakura/ foam built for the extra detail! Starting with the handplate of the helioskrill armor. Hunter variant (Locke)...
  8. wolfriordan

    Favour to ask.

    I am just getting started working with pepakura, and am working on making a custom set of ODST armour. I would really like to have an assault style spaulder, like worn by Mickey in ODST, but have not been able to find a file for it in the armoury, maybe I have missed it, or maybe this has been...