1. ConnorCreator

    1st Build Halo reach build start to finish

    Alright guys so instead of posting a thread everytime I make some progress and flooding the forums, I’m just going to add my progress pictures to the comments of this thread! I’m pretty far along! I was told people like seeing the process and luckily I’ve been documenting the whole thing!
  2. Hakuru15

    Anyone has any pdo files on a Starcraft BroodWar classic Marine armour?

    Hey guys in the future I'm planning to try and do something non-halo and want to try and make my very own classic starcraft marine armor, the classic starcraft art style has always been one of my favorites growing up as a kid. The cosplays I've seen now from the Starcraft community is mostly...
  3. Shon

    Helioskrill Armor

    Hi, I'm really eager to make a helioskrill suit, but I cannot find armor files anywhere. The ones in the armory are just the helmet and the wrist piece and even then the helmet isn't 100% accurate with the visor being to long and what not. Does anyone happen to have any unfolded pepakura files...
  4. MFStudios

    Are all pep files usable for foam? Or do I need certain files?

    I've been battling with pepakura for a few years coming now. And I always played with the idea of doing the foam versions of the suit. However I need to know! Do I have to have foam versions of the same files I use to make the suit via paper? Or can I just use the same files I already have and...
  5. ReClaimer8015

    ReClaimers 3d handplates thread

    As mentioned: a little tinkering Cause it`s fune to do some sorts off smaller projects.... It doesn`t have to be a complete suit out of the 3dprinter - just add these to your pepakura/ foam built for the extra detail! Starting with the handplate of the helioskrill armor. Hunter variant (Locke)...
  6. wolfriordan

    Favour to ask.

    I am just getting started working with pepakura, and am working on making a custom set of ODST armour. I would really like to have an assault style spaulder, like worn by Mickey in ODST, but have not been able to find a file for it in the armoury, maybe I have missed it, or maybe this has been...