first build

  1. Newbsters

    1st Build ODST WIP

    Hope I’m posting this in the right place. Officially starting my ODST build this week so this’ll be my work in progress thread. Starting on soft parts first then I’ll move onto the armor. This is my bucket from Branfuhr Studios. Primered it black to better see any imperfections that need to...
  2. Sgt Whupass

    Rookie ODST Build

    Long time Lurker, first time Build-Thread-Poster. I started my ODST build and decided to go with Rookie because I've got limited imagination and even more limited time to work on this week to week. I build a H3 Master Chief back in 2009-2010 out of pepakura and after practically destroying my...
  3. Juggernaut Zane

    legendary shield with swords?

    Does anyone know where I can find the legendary shields with swords like ono halo 3 back accessory?
  4. Pebelo

    My first build - mark VII armor

    Hi, I'm Pebelo and I'm currently beginning my halo cosplay journey. I've always been interested in cosplay but the mk7 cosplay guide 343i recently released got me really excited and made me want to make a suit of armor of my own. I'm not good at working with foam, etc. so I'm planning on 3d...
  5. Nzane

    First Build - Mk 4

    Hopefully this is in the right spot. This is my first time making a full costume, and I've decided to make the mk 4 from halo wars because it just looks awesome! So naturally I'm starting from the ground up since I don't like having to alter existing things. I started with a mock morph suit...
  6. SonOfTheGun

    Halo Reach Mark V EVA/Emile build

    I am just starting in on my first build ever, and I decided to start off strong by building Emile's armor from Reach. I have posted a few questions in different threads, but i figured I would keep everything simple and confine my scatterbrain to just one thread and post my progress and my...
  7. timmsy2911

    1st Build 3D Printed ODST Build

    This is my 3D printed Odst as I am Building it Update 1: Right Shoulder Update 2: Left CQB Shoulder 2nd Shoulder printed and assembled and then roughly fit it to the plate carrier ill be using it as my base layer for the armor to attach to. Update 3: Right Forearm This is currently the...
  8. ConnorCreator

    1st Build Halo reach build start to finish

    Alright guys so instead of posting a thread everytime I make some progress and flooding the forums, I’m just going to add my progress pictures to the comments of this thread! I’m pretty far along! I was told people like seeing the process and luckily I’ve been documenting the whole thing!
  9. ConnorCreator

    1st Build Progress on first build!

    Hey everyone! I don’t post on here nearly enough, just wanted to show off my current progress on my first build! All parts are 3d printed on my printers then surface finished/sanded and painted. I love to answer any questions or take criticism. Thanks spartans.
  10. FoamRookieActor

    ODST EVA Halo Reach helmet

    Hello guys! This is my first post I want to make an ODST EVA foam helmet build. I already have Andrew DFT's files printed and am wondering how to carry on. Should I make a cardboard model of it to see if I like it, Should I jump right into making it outta foam, or should I do something else? Any...
  11. Mysticporo

    First Reach Spartan Build (An Adventure into Cosplay)

    Hello Again, So last year I joined the forums alongside the Discord server and was very enthralled with everyone else’s builds that I decided to start making plans for my own, whilst creating a 3D Model of it since I’m more familiar with digital space, however as 2020 ran out of time it became...
  12. Animix

    1st Build First Halo Spartan III build (picture thread)

    hello, this is my first halo build and I would like to share my progress with everyone. so its a spartan III with: Mark VI helmet odst shoulder grenadier knee armor colors: Main: Steel Secondary: Violet no other special attachments (such as chest and leg) i bought the new disguise Mark VI...
  13. Marty Falco

    MJOLNIR Mark VI Recon (Halo 3)

    This build technically started way back at the end of May 2020 when I first received my 3D printer. In my furious rush to finish this suit before Halloween, I've spent the better part of a day immersed in every corner of the 405th and was inspired to post a thread on this build. At the same...
  14. tvanhelene

    1st Build My custom 3D printed halo reach armor build journey (So Far)

    Hello Everyone! This is my first real post on this site so I will do my best to emulate the format everyone else uses. I've been making small props with 3D printed for about a year now. When I got sent home from my college campus and was told I wouldn't be going back until most likely next year...
  15. E

    First armor - Making my Halo:Reach armor

    So this is my first post My name is Eddie I am 20 years old and I live in Montana. I am not working right now and living at home so I have plenty of time. I also like to blacksmith and I really enjoy leatherworking so I have experience making stuff. And that is my preamble for you lol. I have...
  16. PepsiGubben

    First build Mk V Reach style

    Hello! I'm very new to this community but nonetheless I want to build my very own spartan armor. As I already have a 3d printer and some skill with Autodesk Fusion I thought I might 3d print my set. I quickly realised this would not be as easy as I thought and have already encountered several...
  17. ZiggyGrimm

    1st Build ZiggyGrimm's Halo Infinite Build - Fiberglass/ Carbonfiber Over Foam

    Spartans and Civilians (and everyone in between)! Welcome to my terrifyingly ambitious first Halo build. This summer (and beyond) I'll be building a non-canon Spartan suit based on the upcoming Halo Infinite game. This thread is going to be an overview of the whole process! It can also serve as...
  18. KGSupreme

    1st Build The Red ODST Halo: Reach build log.

    Kgcraftsprops on insta Intro: Hello everyone. I figured now was about time that I stopped lurking and started posting my own build log, I'll try to organize it for fast browsing. I have wanted to build my own armor set based off my custom armor from Halo: Reach, it's been nearly a full decade...
  19. TrUeKiLa

    My first Build

    Well I wish I had posted this yesterday but whatever. Today starts my long road to getting this bad boy printed and turned into a set of armor. My plan similar to Red Team is to have that stripe down the right breastplate however instead of Red it will be a nice Deep Blue just because that's my...
  20. Spiderboy196

    First Halo Build

    This is my first time making a spartan outfit. Its very very time consuming but it worth it though. I have already done about half of the armor and soon gonna finish it this week. I have photos of what i have already done.
  21. Archerish

    WIP Mjolnir Mk VI Armor (First build!)

    I'm working on a full set of Mjolnir Mk VI armor for an upcoming expo in August (hopefully it's not cancelled!) This is my first time working with foam, I've never done prop-making before so I'm a complete newbie. I've just finished gluing the pieces together for the forearms of my armor! Some...
  22. Bariox416

    First Reach armor build - WIP

    Hello everyone! I've been a huge fan of Halo since I was young but never had the opportunity to play it until this year. And now the hype is stronger than ever! I've done some sintra and 3D printing works before but foam is something new. I tried it a few years ago but never managed to make...
  23. CMYKey

    1st Build Foam Halo 3 ODST Build

    Hey folks! New member here. The goal of this thread is to document the progress on my first foam armour build and to get some feedback to help me along the way. For those interested in some background, I am relatively new to the cosplay scene with only 2 builds under my belt, with minimal DIY...
  24. HereForRootbeer

    Uhm... first build... yay

    Uh, hi? I'm gonna start building an ODST armor suit soon, either from the Andrew DFT templates or from the Armory foam pep templates. Which would you guys recommend? Also, I've got a few questions, mainly about color schemes and emblems, although I do have another one about where to put stuff on...
  25. F1N13

    My First Post! Recon - ODST | Progress Build

    After watching Adam Savage, a lot, and going to Halo Outpost last year, I decided to give building my character a shot. I originally had a 3D printer, and was printing all of the armour pieces... until my printer started to act up, making it useless. I've been teeter tottering with the idea of...