1. RadMax117

    Props Flood Infection form prop build

    After making my flood infected marine cosplay I knew I had to have a little bud to go with it! So I made this little piece of popcorn! Made with eva foam, hand drew my own templates from the reference pic below. Legs and tentacles are foam dowels with coat hanger wire inside and plastic fish...
  2. RadMax117

    Foam Flood infected marine build (and rebuild)

    I started this build in early 2018 but only recently after multiple revisions got it to where I want it. Here’s what it looks like now but after this let’s take a step back in time.. Vs: When I started this build I considered having my real head off to the side in makeup to make zombie faces...
  3. RadMax117

    Foam Can you tell I’m excited for odst/flood firefight finally coming to mcc?!

    (Both builds made by me)
  4. Karrver

    My Halo Flood Karrver Build

    Long time Halo fan first time poster! Just wanted to share my Flood build/process and answer any questions anyone might have! I had a deadline of about 68 days for wanting to finish this project since Infinite was coming out then and wanted to be able to jump on that hype train for the most...
  5. AngelicChaos

    Flood(Halo) vs Reapers(Mass Effect)

    I want to know what people think about these two major threats from different universes. The flood from Halo and the Reapers of Mass Effect are similar in many ways- Ancient beings that predate much of known history Holds galactic knowledge powerful enough to destroy civilizations Have caused...
  6. Redshirt

    Animated Full-Scale Infection Form (Vacuform and 3D Print)

    For quite a while I've been brooding on making a robotic Infection Form. This is a collaboration project with fellow member, Alpha. Anyone that follows me knows I have a compulsion to build full scale. We've seen plenty of human costumes with lifts and stilts. I decided that the seven-inch tall...
  7. PlanetAlexander

    (Mostly) Recycled Halo Flood Infection Form

    Templates at bottom of post Since I can't get more foam the the moment, putting my current projects on hold, I've decided to challenge myself to make something out of scraps I have laying around. I'm taking a bit of a leap with this one, making the Halo 3 Flood Infection form. It's not full...
  8. FloodHunter

    Flood Fan Film (I guess)

    So, as the title says, this thread will cover everything connected to the fan film which I'm currently working on with few friends. How it started? -About a year ago I was playing Halo Reach, Halo 3 and Halo 4 with my classmate and after that, he said that we should totally make a film about...
  9. HaloHunterChief

    Halo: Combat Evolved Flood Files

    I noticed there aren't many flood files in the 405th so I searched the web and found these I hope u guys enjoy.
  10. Mesh

    Halo 4/Freebuild Flood

    Ay so I haven't updated anything here for a while now, and as a result have this c: This is my Flood 'addon' for my ODST getup :P It's not completely finished but I'm super happy with it regardless. I started off with a scratchbuilt head template out of foam I then brought a material called...