foam armor

  1. firespirit98

    Beginner Project for my 13 year old, need some tips please!

    Hey all!! My 13 year old son has decided that he would like to try his hand at making his own Halo Mark V armor for his school project this year. I have experience with sewing costumes but this is another level for me. We plan on working on this together so we need all the help we can get. He’s...
  2. batzychief117

    Halo Infinite Master Chief GEN III Mjolnir Armor

    Hello Spartans This is my first armor and i hope you guys can get some technics out of this thread, cheers! So the first step for me is gettin the measurements right so the armorsmith program got my back, im 6´1 and hopely get some extra inches when the boots are done. I got the files from...
  3. Zoogami Snowfox

    Halo 2 Anniversary Arbiter Build | The Great Journey Begins!

    It's finally happening! Halo has been very influential to me over the years, both through gaming and costume work. In the past I have put together a few Spartan builds, (rip Agent Locke as a decent character...) but I have not attempted an elite/sangheili. This project has been one I have...
  4. L

    Foam Foam Question

    Hi all! I'm making my multiplayer Spartan from Reach, and rn the puzzle mats I'm using are ~3/4 inch thick and are too difficult to work with. I want to get something thinner, but was wondering if I should just go with a random set of 1/2 inch eva foam puzzle mats of Amazon or if I should get...
  5. flashyinc

    Scavenger ODST

    Hello! It's been a hot minute since I built anything halo related, sirca 2013 to be exact, But now that i'm finally out of school and got that sweet big boy job with a bit of disposable dough. It's time to come back and make something that sweet younger me wanted to make back when I was still...
  6. ODST Helmet

    ODST Helmet

    And here's the helmet of my ODST, the topping to this beautiful piece. The Helmet is made of EVA Foam which makes it super light and breathable.
  7. Hibiki

    Newbie armor build

    Hello peoples, over this Holiday Break and quarantine ive decided to finally do something with my life. I have finally decided to stop drooling over everyones amazing halo cosplays and make my own!!! Considering this is my first full body armor build I am pretty proud of the way it is turning...
  8. Zachary

    H5 Spartan Fred 2.0 Cosplay Build Log

    2020-12-27 Log 1 This log in this thread will be mainly to lay down what i have at the moment and what i need to do starting from here! Disclaimer, I'm a full time university student with a part time job, this thread could go inactive for a few months! So 2 years ago, I started my first version...
  9. TillXValhalla

    Foam Halo 3 ODST

    So after the sniper issue im gonna get started on my ODST build. Was looking at a halo 3 spartan and got to the boot file for foam and holy hell. That looks like something im gonna have to tackle as an actual pep file so back to the ODST. i should have boots and maybe shins posted tonight.
  10. ODCA

    Foam Combat Evolved Anniversary Mk.V Foam armor build (with pepakura files!)

    I recently sold my halo 2 MK VI armor, and I've been planning to build a new one now, I'm totally in love with infinite's armor (both Chief's and the multiplayer's Mark VII), but I'd rather wait for more accurate files and reference material once the game is released so, instead of building a...
  11. Runkrod

    3d and pep kicking my butt

    Hey gang, So I like the new Infinite armor the more I see it, and am probably going to abandon my H4 plans to make one of these instead. So I've found the files that are available so far created by the ever impressive MoeSizzlac <salute>. These are 3D files for printing. I then figured I...
  12. P

    Spartan Shins and Feet build

    I need help finding a way to cover the shoes I'm using in my spartan build and to attach the shin armor to my shin. any suggestions?
  13. SubXzeroXhero

    Sub's ODST foam build thread

    So starting this thread is actually a little overdue as i had actually started during the holiday season BUT none the less its time to get started. I wanted to be able to get some feedback on my work and also be able to discuss how I went about my process as I am always happy to talk about...
  14. Fisherk2

    Onyx Guard Gears of war cosplay progress

    (Spanish) Buenos dias, tardes o noches para todos, bueno, como me prometí este fin de año, decidí remasterizar uno de mis primeras armaduras, en este thread explicare todo lo que tuve que hacer para terminarlo, sin mas, explicare lo primero...
  15. valkyrjacosplay

    Debate: Foam or Fiberglass

    Hey guys! So I am a very big noob for any armor made from either foam alone or fiberglass. I want to start building my first Spartan armor and let me tell you, I am VERY picky. I made multiple armors in the past using foam covered in Worbla and I am aware that this is really not the best option...
  16. FunFrostbite

    Halo 4/5 elite build

    Hello, I have made some progress on my h4 elite, such as... scaling props and weapons, planning, and learning how to work with 5-6 mm eva foam. Also, can someone help me out? I don't know how to post pics because now I have to put in a dumb htttp. Does anyone know how to post pics? If so, thank you!
  17. SilentHunter 14

    SPARTAN-501 "Jordan" Build

    Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my journey. What journey you ask? The journey of making my first ever Spartan Suit out of EVA Foam. Not my first foam project so i have quite a bit of experience working with foam. Just got done with adjusting the individual armor pieces to my size and...
  18. Osina

    Halo 1 Marine cosplay

    Since I have a plasma grenade %50 done right now I have started on some Marine armor. I’m going to post updates here as things continue on. The one in the last picture on the right is a little larger compared to the one on the left. That’s not intended but I need to see what looks best on me...
  19. Freak4potter

    Seams fail Eva foam

    Hello! So I followed my oldest spawns idea of sealing with plasti dip on my EVA foam armor for my cosplay of Scrapper 142. I started with it and wasn’t to pleased and pulled it off the seams... I sanded and filed with Keli seal, and then mod podged... thought that would hide the I...
  20. he4thbar

    Help & Suggestions for 1st Build Plz

    This was on my Build thread but I feel like with how many questions I ask on there.. It would be more fitting to make a thread dedicated to questions I have during the build process. Right now I scaled my body & armor in Armorsmith Design (6'2" 170ishLBs) Armor will be mainly 3/8th" foam, 1/2"...
  21. Fisherk2

    My Gears of War cosplay progress

    (SPANISH) Buenos dias gente de la 405th, hoy tengo tiempo libre, asi que voy a subir todos mis progresos de mi otro cosplay del videojuego de Gears of War, en especifico, el de la armadura de la Coalicion basica (que lo llevan los soldados de la COG, Baird, Minh y los Carmine), con la variacion...
  22. thatdamnjodie

    Building FemShep

    Progress Helmet --- 95%, needs visor and paint Torso --- 25% Shoulders/Biceps --- 99%, needs paint Gauntlets --- 50%, yet to finish right gauntlet Handplates --- 0%, not started Abdomen/soft part --- 0%, not started Belt --- 95%, needs paint Thighs --- 0%, not started Shins --- 0%, not started...
  23. Frozensnot

    Frozensnot's Halo 5 Rogue Armor

    It's the start of a new year and a new project :) While trying to figure out what kind of armor I should make next I thought; if my spartan survived through the covenant war, what kind of designation/armor would he be given during the time of Halo 4-5? If I could have any designation, it would...