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  1. S

    EOD foam helmet first time cosplaying

    Hello, first time posting. Built a foam EOD helmet to go along with a mark v suit, just about to douse it in some plastidip. This is my first time working with foam, pepakura, etc, perfectionist inside me is going nuts how the right "snout" is tilted, but i still like how it looks!


  3. GrievousProps

    Foam Halo Infinite Mjolnir MK VII Armor WIP

    Hello Everyone! This is one of my first few posts and I just wanted to put a couple of the projects I am currently working on out there! This is a MK VII helmet from the multiplayer of halo infinite (and now MCC) made out of foam using templates created by other amazing creators and 3D modelers...
  4. LD Industries

    Weapons Templates.

    Hello everybody, my name is Leo, i design Templates of weapons of Video Games, i from 405th Regiment of Mexico. Hola a todos, mi nombre es Leo, diseño plantillas de Armas de Videojuegos, soy del 405th Regimiento del México. The weapons that will be available at the moment are the Halo Saga...
  5. Spiderboy196

    H5 Helljumper Romeo and H5 Valkyrie

    This is gonna be the start of me doing TWO armor builds: Halo 3 ODST romeo in h5 helljumper armor and h5 valkyrie for a close friend of mine.
  6. ODCA

    Props Halo Infinite Battle Rifle BR75

    I've been aboard halo infinite's hype train since day one, oddly enough, still haven't built anything, it's about time to change that! I've decided to build the battle rifle, based on the 2 images that have been revealed so far: Now, first things first, was making some templates, I and a...
  7. SpartanWorkshop

    First Halo Build! (Foam ODST) (WIP)

    Hello everyone! I just started my very first Halo costume, that being an ODST and I figured I’d start a build thread to kinda show what I have done so far and to document my progress as I get further into this costume. Right now I’ve only got the helmet to an almost complete state: I made the...
  8. SubXzeroXhero

    Sub's ODST foam build thread

    So starting this thread is actually a little overdue as i had actually started during the holiday season BUT none the less its time to get started. I wanted to be able to get some feedback on my work and also be able to discuss how I went about my process as I am always happy to talk about...
  9. skyranger72

    Spartan Laser Foam Build DONE

    Hi everyone, I have decided to just make a new foam to show off some pictures of my finished spartan laser. The laser had only taken about 4 to 5 days to build (working around school and work). However, right in the end I had left it outside while the paint was drying only to have a light mist...
  10. Fisherk2

    Onyx Guard Gears of war cosplay progress

    (Spanish) Buenos dias, tardes o noches para todos, bueno, como me prometí este fin de año, decidí remasterizar uno de mis primeras armaduras, en este thread explicare todo lo que tuve que hacer para terminarlo, sin mas, explicare lo primero...
  11. Punk odst

    Having trouble downloading really new

    Hi! Im new to the scene i did the andrew dft odst build and i want to move on from that to make spartain armor ibe been scouring the forums for anyone with my same problem here and i cant seem to find one, i cannot download the files i want to make into my peparuka to do a foam build with where...
  12. Fisherk2

    My Gears of War cosplay progress

    (SPANISH) Buenos dias gente de la 405th, hoy tengo tiempo libre, asi que voy a subir todos mis progresos de mi otro cosplay del videojuego de Gears of War, en especifico, el de la armadura de la Coalicion basica (que lo llevan los soldados de la COG, Baird, Minh y los Carmine), con la variacion...
  13. whereisdanielle

    whereisdanielle's Foam SPI Build

    Hey gang. I've finally started on my SPI build. I'm building from Satchmo III's files, inspired by Tekka_Croe's take on the classic armour. This is my reference sheet: I start all my costumes by making paper size testers to get my scale sorted out, and then move to foam from there. With...
  14. Punk odst

    Reach robotic arm pdo

    Hi im new to all this but im looking to make a prostetic robot arm i can wear for my halo cosplays. I looked through the armory but couldnt find anything (i could have missed something) but id really dig some help thanks guys!
  15. HATE Recon

    Materials for Padding and helping fit?

    So, my ODST forearms arms are a bit loose and tend to rotate on my arm. I want to add some padding inside to help with this. I was looking for the kind of foam they have in like halloween masks, but couldn't find anything. Also, my helmet could use some padding. Do any of you have any...
  16. Fisherk2

    My HeliosKrill Cosplay Progress (FOAM)

    Hola, aquí dejo todo mi progreso del armado del HeliosKrill con la combinación del casco Venator (No domino el ingles muy bien así es que el traductor me va hacer el esfuerzo de traducir todo :p)...
  17. RagtagVenom

    Prep Time! About to Build!

    Thanks to the awesome PerniciousDuke; I’ve got the Foam Files for the Hellcat Armor in my grasp, I’m gonna get cracking on the build but I need aaaaaany last minute tips, tricks and advice to get the job done the right way the first time around. Against my better judgement I’m gonna be using...
  18. RagtagVenom

    Tips for Converting Pep Files to Foam

    This should be the last struggle-help post I make for a while; at least I hope so anyways. Basically my issue is; I found the pep files for the armor I want to craft; Hellcat to be precise. Halo 5: Guardians - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Hellcat My issue is I wanna build it out of Foam and these are Pep...
  19. RagtagVenom

    Foam Files

    ive seen 3D print files, I’ve seen Pep files; one thing I haven’t seen all too much is Foam Files; like flies specifically for building out of foam, because if you use the pep files you end up not needing every piece and it’s really hard to make that distinction for a novice like me haha So my...
  20. D

    Foam Build Assistance Request

    Howdy y'all, Im am trying to build a set of scout armor from halo 4/5. I have already gotten the peppakura file for halo 4, however it has taken a crap load of time just to glue the assets for the chest piece together. Unfortunately I don't have that much free time to do this. I heard it was...
  21. Masky

    3 week Halo 3 marine pilot build

    The idea We all know everybody wants to be a strong Spartan and all but on cons, with a booth, I found its kinda clumsy to be in armor and protect props at the same time. By the end of 2017 I got the idea to replace my damaged, worn out Halo Reach Spartan with a lighter marine suit and join our...
  22. RaraCloe

    Nobel Six female armour build

    Hello all people in the 405th community! I have decided to challenge myself by building my own Halo SPARTAN armour from the game Halo Reach. And as I've written in the tittle it will be Noble Six and I'll be using the foam method. I will be honest and tell you that I did start about 3 months...
  23. SgtSkittle117

    Props Halo Reach DMR build

    Hey Everyone, I was working a Sliced DMR. the thickness is 5 layers of EVA foam and a few spots buy the rest of it is mostly 3. The scope is not made of foam, it is from a nerf gun and the lens is from sunglasses that I bought from my local Spencer's. I added the line detail from using a lot of...
  24. Shiroppi

    [WIP] Yet another ODST armor - foam

    I made a batch last year and sold all including mine before i could get a proper photoshoot or any decent picture for it . so here we go again ! This time, armor will be almost the same but with with some minor changes to the first version. Material used are mixed of 3mm and 5mm foam. The helmet...
  25. mike bike

    Props Battle Rifle foam board build

    after viewing sierra jeep's build decided to give it a go