foam gun

  1. Ean Evans

    Halo 5 Saw (The Answer) Foam

    Hello all you fine people, today I will be showing you my favorite gun to get in super festa. This weapon was in all honesty not that bad to put together. I was given the template from a friend and got to work on it asap. The drum mag is also detachable! Let me know your thoughts and have a nice...
  2. Ean Evans

    Halo 5 Snipers Foam

    These are my two Halo 5 snipers built using Andrew DFTs templates. These were built over a year ago. These guys have working mags also! They are very much not my best, however, I still wanted to show you everything!
  3. Ean Evans

    Foam H3 Spartan Laser

    Hey guys today I'm going to be showing you some of the pictures taking off my Instagram of my current weapon build. I have been eyeballing building a laser for a while because it is a unique looking weapon and I have not seen a lot of people building foam ones. This is made out of installation...