1. S

    EOD foam helmet first time cosplaying

    Hello, first time posting. Built a foam EOD helmet to go along with a mark v suit, just about to douse it in some plastidip. This is my first time working with foam, pepakura, etc, perfectionist inside me is going nuts how the right "snout" is tilted, but i still like how it looks!
  2. ODCA

    Foam ODCA's infinite Fred-104 armor build

    Hello, lovely people of the 405th, I think it's about time I started building an armor set of my own again! we're planning to have a Mexican regiment reunion by this year's December, and I've got to show up in armor! I've decided to go with the halo infinite style of Fred's armor (as seen on...
  3. C

    Gen 2 undersuit help needed

    Hello everyone! So I was thinking of Remaking my Halo 4 armor but I also want to make the undersuit/techsuit. I did some research and was able to get references of the Halo 4 techsuit. I was thinking of using something like 4mm foam or leather for it. Any material suggestions for making one?
  4. ManAtArmsProps

    Fallout 4 Pepakura Files - Free Files

    Since Etsy isn´t worth it anymore and because of the high amount of taxes and fees, i uploaded all my stl files on Cults3d and also decided to give the pepakura files for free here. Hope some of you could use them ;-) Far Harbor Combat Helmet: CAHelmetFH.rar Far Harbor Diver Helmet: Diver...
  5. MataraOkina

    Documenting Okina Matara's Reach Spartan armor, v2.0 *Pic Heavy*

    Hey there again, everyone! Okina here with the start of my new Mark V (B) kit. I've been diligently working on a new kit, and have been busy trying ti figure out the best ways to do what pieces. My old kit was what I regularly used in Reach the multiplayer/campaign. Unfortunately my machine...
  6. C

    Boot armor build questions

    Hello 405th! I want to plan ahead for some future builds so I've got some questions on boot armor. So I've seen other members make boot parts completely out of foam without a shoe or boot underneath. If I choose to make foot armor out of foam and place it on a shoe base, do I glue it directly on...
  7. RadMax117

    Props Halo 4/5 sniper rifle

    Made this prop in 2017 so I don’t have many work in progress pics. Made with eva foam and a wood core for rigidity, and sturdy enough to be a walking stick when I’m tired of carrying it at cons! It’s not very heavy but since it’s so big it does after a while. 4.5 ft long. Scope is see through...
  8. NewBrody

    1st Build Thread

    Hey all! So after years of being an observer of Schankerz and his build I've decided to be an observer no more. A couple months ago I started my own cosplay build of a reach spartan. I plan to go commando with the helmet and left shoulder and recon with the right. Been super impressed with all...
  9. he4thbar

    he4thbar's Mark 7 Build (Halo Infinite)

    CURRENT STATUS: UNFOLDING/UNDERSUIT Hey All, Been away from halo building for far too long and I miss the halo cosplay community. I've also been really enjoying infinite and decided this is going to be my last big armor for a bit, after that i'll make a small arsenal of halo props. But for now...
  10. SgtSkittle117

    Props Halo 3 Flamethrower 2.0 Build

    Hello, Since I have been MIA on building props or being active on here, I figure it was time to slowly crawl out of the hole and build something. That something is another Flamethrower from Halo 3. First thing is I built a new frame for the flamethrower. I used 3/4 inch PVC pipe for the frame...
  11. PlanetAlexander

    Foam vs Pepakura Unfolds - A Guide to the Difference

    I’ve seen a few times ‘round the forums where people have asked what the difference between a foam unfold and a pepakura (AKA pep, paper craft) unfold is. There’s a few key differences between them, so I’ve decided to write a short guide to help shine some light on the subject. In this guide I...
  12. Darkhorn0

    Try Try Again Halo Infinite Marine Build

    A very very long time ago, in this galaxy, less than a mile from my current home, i started a project that went basically nowhere. I think i managed to get a handplate done and that was about it. Fast forward some indeterminate amount of time; and here i am feeling like a kid again playing...
  13. C

    1st Build Halo infinite mark 7 progress

    Hello 405th. I am currently doing my first halo project and I would like to show off some progress so far. I am doing the mark 7 gen 3 from halo infinite. As of now I have gotten the helmet, a leg,and chest piece done. I'm working with foam BTW as it is easy to use. The chest piece and leg did...
  14. NK4U

    Help filling seams on foam

    Hi all I’m new to cosplay and decided to learn the foam workflow by making shoulder pads. After a few attempts I finally have 2 shoulders that are good enough to paint but I’m going to learn to paint on the old ones before I ruin these good ones. Im using Kwik Seal caulk for the seams on a...
  15. Waltimusprime

    Foam Master chief infinite build

    Haven’t posted much over the years so I figured I’d do better and start being active on here to network with my fellow builders more. I got heroes workshop (stefano/stealth) templates and I’ve used a couple of moesizzlac files and the helmet was originally a sonner file but I sculpted over it...
  16. C

    Pepakura help

    I tried doing pepakura for the first time a few weeks ago. I had a problem when adding resin to my finished model. The resin directions said to put it in a warm environment to cast properly but it did not cast after I put my cast in a warm place after adding a few layers of resin. Any tips on...
  17. L

    Foam Foam Question

    Hi all! I'm making my multiplayer Spartan from Reach, and rn the puzzle mats I'm using are ~3/4 inch thick and are too difficult to work with. I want to get something thinner, but was wondering if I should just go with a random set of 1/2 inch eva foam puzzle mats of Amazon or if I should get...
  18. nerdman234

    WH40K Tech Priest

    Look guys. I made a post. I started this in late August 2020, and have been making slow progress over the winter. This is broken into 4 sections: Mask/Helmet, Mechadendrite, Armor Bits, Fabric Elements. I'll regularly update this as I go and flesh out the sections. This is going to have blinky...
  19. NachoPipps

    1st Build Halo 4 and infinite Master Chief build

    Hi, I am very new to foam working and this is my first big project. I am very open to criticisms and any tips or helpful advice for the future and I'll gladly share what little knowledge I have learned thus far. All pieces are made of foam and I'm using 1/2 inch thick foam mats with a smaller...
  20. jegatherdomnai

    i have been making a halo five arbiter but the armour is not very realistic. could someone unfold a halo 5 arbiter armour in foam?

    i have been making a halo 5 arbiter costume but it does not look realistic. could someone unfold a halo five arbiter costume for foam?
  21. A Frosted Bond

    Looking for Halo infinite MK IV helmet

    Hey all, first thread post haha but I'm looking for a foam pep of this helmet which sort of looks like a newer version of the MK IV, would anyone happen to know if there is one floating about? Quite doubtful since it only has one photo, might have to scratch build. Thanks
  22. ODCA

    ODCA's foam unfolds (and unfold requests)

    Hello 405th! Recently I've been unfolding a lot of pepakura files for foam and learning a lot of neat tricks with the program And I wanted to give back to the community that has done so much for me So I'm making this thread to post the unfolds I make and I'll also be taking unfold requests for...
  23. ODCA

    Ubicación y Abastecimiento de Materiales

    Saludos Spartans! Este hilo sera dedicado como guia de materiales para los que estemos en México y Latinoamerica Si desean contribuir a la lista, comenten con: 1 post por producto, con toda la informacion que puedan (producto, precio, medidas, ubicacion, link, imagenes, etc.) y seran añadidos...
  24. Fallen

    Foam Halo Reach Carter Build - Going for T3

    Introduction When I joined the 405th back in 2015 with grand ideas of the Spartan suit I wanted to make I knew absolutely nothing about how to build a suit. The first piece I ever made was a Mark VI helmet using the pepakura method that was too small and where I was too impatient during the...
  25. StattingUp

    My First Build, My First Thread - Crafting Nostalgia

    Introduction Hello everyone, im incredibly excited to be a part of this community. My name is Doug and I go by StattingUP (Name change pending mod :cool:). I am 25 and an avid cosplayer. Based out of Pennsylvania, I frequently attend NYCC and Philly Comicons. Dragoncon was the next destination...