1. C

    Pepakura help

    I tried doing pepakura for the first time a few weeks ago. I had a problem when adding resin to my finished model. The resin directions said to put it in a warm environment to cast properly but it did not cast after I put my cast in a warm place after adding a few layers of resin. Any tips on...
  2. L

    Foam Foam Question

    Hi all! I'm making my multiplayer Spartan from Reach, and rn the puzzle mats I'm using are ~3/4 inch thick and are too difficult to work with. I want to get something thinner, but was wondering if I should just go with a random set of 1/2 inch eva foam puzzle mats of Amazon or if I should get...
  3. sax092

    For Sale or Trade odst rough helmet

    am willing to trade for elite digagrade stilts, also a halo 5 arby helm
  4. nerdman234

    WH40K Tech Priest

    Look guys. I made a post. I started this in late August 2020, and have been making slow progress over the winter. This is broken into 4 sections: Mask/Helmet, Mechadendrite, Armor Bits, Fabric Elements. I'll regularly update this as I go and flesh out the sections. This is going to have blinky...
  5. NachoPipps

    1st Build Halo 4 and infinite Master Chief build

    Hi, I am very new to foam working and this is my first big project. I am very open to criticisms and any tips or helpful advice for the future and I'll gladly share what little knowledge I have learned thus far. All pieces are made of foam and I'm using 1/2 inch thick foam mats with a smaller...
  6. sax092

    i have been making a halo five arbiter but the armour is not very realistic. could someone unfold a halo 5 arbiter armour in foam?

    i have been making a halo 5 arbiter costume but it does not look realistic. could someone unfold a halo five arbiter costume for foam?
  7. A Frosted Bond

    Looking for Halo infinite MK IV helmet

    Hey all, first thread post haha but I'm looking for a foam pep of this helmet which sort of looks like a newer version of the MK IV, would anyone happen to know if there is one floating about? Quite doubtful since it only has one photo, might have to scratch build. Thanks
  8. ODCA

    ODCA's foam unfolds (and unfold requests)

    Hello 405th! Recently I've been unfolding a lot of pepakura files for foam and learning a lot of neat tricks with the program And I wanted to give back to the community that has done so much for me So I'm making this thread to post the unfolds I make and I'll also be taking unfold requests for...
  9. ODCA

    Ubicación y Abastecimiento de Materiales

    Saludos Spartans! Este hilo sera dedicado como guia de materiales para los que estemos en México y Latinoamerica Si desean contribuir a la lista, comenten con: 1 post por producto, con toda la informacion que puedan (producto, precio, medidas, ubicacion, link, imagenes, etc.) y seran añadidos...
  10. Fallen

    Foam Halo Reach Carter Build - Going for T3

    Introduction When I joined the 405th back in 2015 with grand ideas of the Spartan suit I wanted to make I knew absolutely nothing about how to build a suit. The first piece I ever made was a Mark VI helmet using the pepakura method that was too small and where I was too impatient during the...
  11. StattingUp

    My First Build, My First Thread - Crafting Nostalgia

    Introduction Hello everyone, im incredibly excited to be a part of this community. My name is Doug and I go by StattingUP (Name change pending mod :cool:). I am 25 and an avid cosplayer. Based out of Pennsylvania, I frequently attend NYCC and Philly Comicons. Dragoncon was the next destination...
  12. HiddenHunter

    Confusion with foam and pepakura

    I've been wanting to create a set out of armor out of foam and heard that the Halo 3 ODST 1.2 armor from the armory would be a good start. While I have some basic understanding on pepakura and its assembly, but I have zero clues on how to use templates meant for foam. From where to attach...
  13. ODCA

    Foam Combat Evolved Anniversary Mk.V Foam armor build (with pepakura files!)

    I recently sold my halo 2 MK VI armor, and I've been planning to build a new one now, I'm totally in love with infinite's armor (both Chief's and the multiplayer's Mark VII), but I'd rather wait for more accurate files and reference material once the game is released so, instead of building a...
  14. ODCA

    Props Halo Infinite Battle Rifle BR75

    I've been aboard halo infinite's hype train since day one, oddly enough, still haven't built anything, it's about time to change that! I've decided to build the battle rifle, based on the 2 images that have been revealed so far: Now, first things first, was making some templates, I and a...
  15. V

    Where to begin again, Pepakura to Foam

    Hi All, I've gotten amazing advice here before and I'm in need again. I started on a Master Chief armour build over a year ago and I had to take a break from it for quite a while. I got to the point that I've cut out and assembled the entire armour through Pepakura in card stock to make sure it...
  16. ODCA

    Halo legends kelly (child size)

    I recently got commissioned to build kelly's halo legends/the package armor for a child I'll be using the master chief forward unto dawn pepakura files, since they're pretty similar, and i'm not doing a very detailed build, to adjust to the client's budget and deadline (3 weeks) I also used...
  17. Fallen

    Tool to Help Cut Bevels and Mini-Tutorial

    I came across this file on Thingiverse for a helper tool to cut 90, 60, and 45 degree angles. I'm skeptical of these tools usually, but it's a quick print, so why not try it out? Sharing my finding here for anyone looking for help in cutting angles and bevels in their foam. Print Settings Used...
  18. Argent

    Doom 2016 Praetor suit

    I started an EVA foam Praetor Suit build a little while ago, with the goal of having something to do during the great quarantine of 2020. I've been messing around with it for a while and feel like I finally have something to contribute to this site. So far I have the helmet done-ish, the arms...
  19. ZiggyGrimm

    1st Build ZiggyGrimm's Halo Infinite Build - Fiberglass/ Carbonfiber Over Foam

    Spartans and Civilians (and everyone in between)! Welcome to my terrifyingly ambitious first Halo build. This summer (and beyond) I'll be building a non-canon Spartan suit based on the upcoming Halo Infinite game. This thread is going to be an overview of the whole process! It can also serve as...
  20. PlanetAlexander

    (Mostly) Recycled Halo Flood Infection Form

    Templates at bottom of post Since I can't get more foam the the moment, putting my current projects on hold, I've decided to challenge myself to make something out of scraps I have laying around. I'm taking a bit of a leap with this one, making the Halo 3 Flood Infection form. It's not full...
  21. Rock Lobbster

    Lobbster's Reach Build

    Edit: Main build is now complete! I decided to do a fun quarantine project with the 144 sq ft of harbor freight I happened to have sitting around so my custom spartan was born! Playing Reach on PC again really brought back the desire to be my own spartan. So far I have the shoulderpads, biceps...
  22. PlanetAlexander

    RvB Sarge Mark VI Armour

    [Gruffy voice] Well folks, it looks like I'm gonna need me some new armour. The boys promised they would clean my old set for me, provided I remove my shotgun from their backs. I don't know why I put my faith into those dirtbags - Grif got double-stuffed Oreo crumbs all over it, there's lipbalm...
  23. Bariox416

    First Reach armor build - WIP

    Hello everyone! I've been a huge fan of Halo since I was young but never had the opportunity to play it until this year. And now the hype is stronger than ever! I've done some sintra and 3D printing works before but foam is something new. I tried it a few years ago but never managed to make...
  24. FoamAndFoundry

    Foam & Foundry's ODST Build

    I've got some decent progress done on my ODST already but I figured I'd start a thread so it's documented somewhere. It's foam with the smaller torso bits 3d-printed, and probably the helmet as well. I was thinking of charcoal gray with olive green accents for the color scheme, with either OD...
  25. CMYKey

    1st Build Foam Halo 3 ODST Build

    Hey folks! New member here. The goal of this thread is to document the progress on my first foam armour build and to get some feedback to help me along the way. For those interested in some background, I am relatively new to the cosplay scene with only 2 builds under my belt, with minimal DIY...