1. ItermiinateX

    Halo 2/3 Arbiter Helmet Build

    *PIC HEAVY* My first step was to use the pepakura files from the Armoury to build the base helmet using 5mm foam. I also built the Elite head pep to make sure the two fit together I pinned on some strips to make sure it held the right shape before slushing some plaster on the inside. This...
  2. Harri51

    Booth comfy Halo 3 Marine

    So starting out. I love my odst! But I need something more booth comfy and less hot. And I got thinking a halo marine might do it and then after seeing everyone at HOD Philly and how everyone looked comfortable in marine armor I was sold. So the armor has begun This is the model I am...
  3. IowaChief

    Foam Mark IV foam build

    Starting a Mark IV foam build for a game I'm going to so it'll be team themed as well. This is the first time trying to make something of this scale. Using the files from the halo wars mark IV post at Halo Wars - MJOLNIR Mark IV - Standard Let's see how it goes!
  4. pipninja

    Wife's Spartan!

    So my wife was able to make it to HOD, and she went in costume on Saturday. At the end of the weekend she said that her favorite part was being in costume and helping with the 405th. So naturally, I am going to be making a Spartan for her next year along with myself. So I brought her into...
  5. Osina

    Halo 1 Marine cosplay

    Since I have a plasma grenade %50 done right now I have started on some Marine armor. I’m going to post updates here as things continue on. The one in the last picture on the right is a little larger compared to the one on the left. That’s not intended but I need to see what looks best on me...
  6. Tyrgam3r

    Sylvanas Windrunner

    Just starting the post and getting ready to start posting eventual progress of my Sylvanas Windrunner build to keep myself accountable. To start, I have gathered some reference material via HoTS. Blizzard actually released a really nice reference kit that I am using to try and blueprint her bow...
  7. RandomRanger

    Halo 3: Battle Rifle build

    I'm building a Halo 3 Battle Rifle from EVA-50 foam. I'll be using these files as resources, provided in raw by TurboCharizard and modified by me. Here's what that looks like printed out at scale Here is the original source image as provided by the great TurboCharizard And his notes:
  8. PlanetAlexander

    Combat Evolved Assault Rifle Prop

    To go along with my Combat Evolved Marine cosplay, I'll be making the assault rifle from the same game - a classic combo. I've started to draw the template for it based off a screengrab, trying to take into account the perspective view: Although while making it I had one question: where is...
  9. PlanetAlexander

    Halo CE Marine Cosplay

    Hey 405th, posting here instead of the RPF to show the development of my Halo Combat Evolved Marine cosplay. I'm using this EXTREMELY helpful thread for nearly all my references (thank you Jubal for all the shots!). So far I've done the bulk of the helmet, done the shoulders and now working on...
  10. Fisherk2

    My Gears of War cosplay progress

    (SPANISH) Buenos dias gente de la 405th, hoy tengo tiempo libre, asi que voy a subir todos mis progresos de mi otro cosplay del videojuego de Gears of War, en especifico, el de la armadura de la Coalicion basica (que lo llevan los soldados de la COG, Baird, Minh y los Carmine), con la variacion...
  11. he4thbar

    he4thbar's 1st Build(complete) - ODST (full suit pg. #7)

    EDIT Current Progress: suit completed Hi All, After browsing the forums for a couple years I finally have moved somewhere with a workspace to dedicate to cosplay. A few hundred dollars later after buying all the suggested crafting tools/mats/materials I am finally getting into crafting. I have...
  12. Callianis

    Best form thicknesses for ODST?

    Hello, is this in the right section? :) Woohoo I won a $200 voucher from a cosplay supply, er, supplier. Before ordering some foamy goodness I wanted to ask what are the generally accepted foam thicknesses best used for an ODST (except helmet which I've 3D printed)? I've done some trawling...
  13. Harri51

    Props The big daddy SPNKr

    Hey gang, been...well FOREVER!!!! anyways I have been try to get better and work more on stuff with halo. so instead of me making a rifle 6 times and a pistol, well you get it I went right up to the big guns. I am a huge heavy weapons user in the games so I wanted my rocket launcher. Then...
  14. KitKatGoose

    Detailed Reach armor + Undersuit

    Hey everyone! This will be where I post progress and details of my new Reach suit. I've created two Reach suits in the past, one for myself and one for a friend. Hopefully this one will be even better looking and better functioning. This suit will be pretty much all foam, made with pep patterns...
  15. PlanetAlexander

    Props Firing Halo CE Magnum

    Over on the RPF, I started a thread on a firing Halo CE Magnum, built from the Nerf Firestrike Elite. Because this is the 405th, I thought people might be interested to see it. Firing Halo CE Magnum Replica I've been collecting resources from CE and putting them there as well. PS. If this is...
  16. FelixMercenary

    Need some advice with helmet stability.

    I have a Halo 4/5 scout helmet made in pep that sits pretty loosely on my head. I can put soft foam on the top of the inside to keep my head at the right height and at the back as to prevent the helmet from sliding forward when I look down. The problem I’ve encountered previously is keeping...
  17. Phauxelate

    Indoor Painting w/ EVA Foam?

    "Greetings, humans, and welcome to Installation 405. Ignore prior warnings, and please continue on this thread." So here the gist: I'm almost done hot-gluing my Mk. IV Spartan Armor, and it's coming high timey time to start to paintn' the pieces silly. Now, I live in the sweet, sweet college...
  18. E

    ODST WIP - Need Help

    Hello, first post! I've recently made my first ever helmet, and attached images to this thread. I was wondering what the easiest way to fill in the cracks and make it seem smooth is? I live in the UK so any suggestions of what to buy or where to buy would be really helpful! Thanks in advance...
  19. vRinzler

    Knife Vs. Hot Knife

    Wondering about the pros and cons of using a regular knife (X-Acto or Razor Blade, Etc.) vs a hot knife. If there's a thread already out there sorry for a repost but just wondering what works best!
  20. F

    EVA Foam + Truck Bed Liner?

    So, I'm wanting to make a set of ODST armor for use in Airsoft (ANSI-Rated eye protection being worn under a metal mesh visor for anyone curious) using the AndrewDFT templates, with some modifications to make them more accurate to the H3: ODST version of the armor. The problem is, while durable...
  21. Fisherk2

    My HeliosKrill Cosplay Progress (FOAM)

    Hola, aquí dejo todo mi progreso del armado del HeliosKrill con la combinación del casco Venator (No domino el ingles muy bien así es que el traductor me va hacer el esfuerzo de traducir todo :p)...
  22. phnix5888

    Hey there guys couple questions

    Hey there guys I'm getting ready to get started on my bills and I just wanted to ask a couple questions first. First off how much foam does it take in general to make a full suit? I will most likely be buying packs of harbor freight floor mats. Second does anyone still use pressure suits for...
  23. Lemonade

    Lemonade's Halo Reach Foam Build WIP

    Hi I'm Lemonade and I'm making Halo: Reach female spartan armor. 7 years ago I made a pepakura/fiberglass orange Master Chief suit (Grif), and now that it's old and worn, and I've lost some weight between now and then (go me!), I figured it was time for something new. So while this isn't my...
  24. T

    The beginning of my Halo reach armor

    Hello ! I'm making a halo reach armor for like ~4 years ( Ingeneering school doesn't help ) . So now I have some time to work on it. So this is what I want to do : I learned a lot about how to do ( scale / pepakura ) on this forum . I know the differents methods : pepakura+resin etc.... /...
  25. Begocer

    First time EVA Foam ODST

    Hey everyone! I don't know about the rest of you but I'm someone who's just a little too obsessed with the soldiers we all know and love as ODSTs. It's an armor style I've always found to be interesting and figured after years of dreaming and going through life said to myself: "Hey, why don't...