1. ZiggyGrimm

    Halo Spartan Companies - Canadian Regiment

    Hi all, I've made a new Spartan Company for members of the Canadian Regiment for anyone who might like to join. I noticed a bunch of other regiments had one, and I figured Canada should represent too! Looking forward to playing with you. To our fearless leaders: please let me know if you'd...
  2. Celsifer

    Borderlands Themed Gun

    Hello, long time no post. I haven't really been working on anything worth posting but as the title suggests I have a new project while I thought I'd post. I recently picked up the new (at least Australian new) Nerf Alphahawk which is apart of the Accustrike series. It looked perfect for a new...
  3. EndlessForrest

    Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017

    Hello! My name is KC. I'm fairly new to Utah and I plan on attending Salt Lake Gaming Con July 7-8 2017. Reply Here if you'd like to start a cosplay meet up group! Thanks!