1. animeloverlela

    Soft Parts Possible Halo 5 Gloves?

    Hello!! I was going through possible bases for the Halo 5 Gloves and came across this: Bionic Driving Gloves Black Mens 1 Pair Driving Gloves FREE SHIPPING! | eBay I think it's the closest item that was similar to the gloves, and could potentially lower the amount of work you have to do to make...
  2. ReClaimer8015

    Soft Parts Making detailed undersuit gloves (H5 version)

    Watching several threads i noticed that a part of the underarmor we constantly see in-game is rather less mentioned and discussed - the gloves. From what i have seen lurking around here most people go with Motorcycle/ Paintball Gloves or Tactical gloves they bought. In general you don`t see the...