1. houge

    Bulky Reach Grenadier Build

    Hey guys, I've finally decided to get off my rear end and try and finish a build for once. Most of this stuff is straight forward, I've got the helmet made from pepakura and will be 3d printing what I can fit on my prusa mini, but the chest plate is the one I'm worried about. I usually have to...
  2. tahu505

    Reach M9 Frag Grenade

    Decided to print out a Reach frag while I'm waiting for some larger parts to also finish printing. I'll eventually paint and finish this then make a bunch more since you can never have too many grenades! Also I decided to use a baseball as my frame of reference for the scale.
  3. tahu505

    Grenadier Spartan III

    Finally getting around to documenting my first full armor build, a grenadier spartan III, my custom character from Reach. I already made the helmet and gloves a couple years ago and now I plan on 3D printing the rest of the armor. The only part i'm missing right now is the collar/breacher...