1. Jeffw773

    [Tutorial] How to make/view/export your own Halo Spartans in Blender

    The following video will help users inexperienced/experienced with Blender quickly build their dream Halo Infinite armor set (as well as other armor sets from the other games at the bottom of this post). This can be helpful for brainstorming cool cosplay ideas, experimenting with paint jobs and...
  2. PlanetAlexander

    Foam vs Pepakura Unfolds - A Guide to the Difference

    I’ve seen a few times ‘round the forums where people have asked what the difference between a foam unfold and a pepakura (AKA pep, paper craft) unfold is. There’s a few key differences between them, so I’ve decided to write a short guide to help shine some light on the subject. In this guide I...
  3. RandomRanger

    Ranger's Wiring Guide

    This guide is written for people who aren’t overly familiar with electronic stuff but still want to produce a high quality product. Supplies For all the supplies, there are many products that will work just as good, but I’ll link the ones I used for simplicity. Resistors (only need 120 ohm)...
  4. Fallen

    Foam Guide

    Contributors: RandomRanger , Fallen Introduction This is a tutorial targeted at beginners to help understand what EVA foam is, the different types of EVA foam available, how and where to buy EVA foam, and some basic tips/tricks/and tools for working with EVA foam. Index What is EVA foam? What...
  5. Ray Vadam

    I need guide

    Hi, everyone! I'm a new member and I'm a little lost in here. I discovered this site a lot of time ago but it hasn't being right now when I finally decided to jump in and join to the community. One of my greatest dreams in my life is cosplaying like Master Chief and I really hope you guys can...