1. louismachie

    I want to find Char aznable helmet file?

    thank u for reading this post, im new in here. i really want to make a replica a Char Aznable's helmet for my collection, any chance anybody in here have that file ? thank you for any reply
  2. Paigeosity

    plz send halp-cannot find gundam RX-78 pep files ANYWHERE!

    I've scoured the internet for weeks and every single file I come across for the wearable (or, hell, even just plain old paper model RX-78 gundams) the files are corrupt, missing, or un-downloadable. Do you any of you fine lot have the goods I seek? Any and all help is greatly appreciated...
  3. Silentviper114

    gundam rx-78-2 cosplay

    Anyone got a gundam rx-78-2 pepakura file? I'm trying to build a suit for myself in the future
  4. zhanye

    some projects Im working on

    I've been working on a number of projects and heres some of them
  5. zhanye

    Been awhile for a while

    soo heres my first gundam I built still trying to get the pictures from my computers reformat
  6. aryanne

    Gundam cosplay help

    so i have a question on how to scale the files to my size and the general rules. i saw a guide like this General Gundam/Mecha Cosplay Tutorial and i want to do this gundam here **Official** Gundam Pepakura File Thread so i wonder how will i get at it. this would be my first big cosplay project...