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  1. SIERRA720

    1st Build 3D Printed Halo 3 'Finish the Fight' Chief/Spartan Build

    Hey everyone, I'm Mitch I'm an Australian cosplayer who got into cosplaying specifically to make a Halo 3 Master Chief costume a few years ago. Back then I decided to make a clone trooper costume at the last second as I had no previous 3d printing, painting or general costume-making experience...
  2. Riskydevill

    My first 3d printing build- Cqb

    hey im Riskydevill (George) im new to 3d printing, i have done cosplaying with foam in the past and im venturing into 3d prints and wanting to make a reach cqb build. i will be updating here with my progress!
  3. Justhidges

    1st Build Halo 3 Mjolnir Mk 6 Cosplay Build

    Chapter 1.1: From the Ground Up Legs and Boots Hello there!  Prologue New member, first time posting a thread, so I'm kinda experimenting with this. We'll see how it goes. Here's the idea: slowly but surely make the Halo 3 version of the Mk VI mjolnir out of SKS props HD EVA foam while I...
  4. Bunty Scrungus

    1st Build My ODST Build (full process) PT2

    Part 2 of the build mostly on the torso and arms.(Welcome to the shop) Starting out strong with my really cute Stencils. (Pink was on sale and I'm cheap) I got a used circuit sticker maker for this. Made 2 layers for this first white then black, this is the white layer. There's a few missed...
  5. Elorus

    found one sorry dont click.

    yeah i found the armor. boom.
  6. willdillmill

    3D Printed Master Chief MKVI Halo 3

    Hello, everyone! This post is a long-time coming. Back in December, I got the bright idea to build a Master Chief suit with no experience whatsoever in 3D printing. It's been a wild ride with many trials, errors, and frustrating evenings. I immediately found help through this forum through...
  7. Russett

    Russett Mark 6 build

    Got back into cosplay building. Going to finish a build that sat on the shelf for years. The goal is September. Going to start a new thread on it. more confident now in the in the skills required to take on this task. Unfortunately cant remember who the model is by, but did a little more detail...
  8. Yesu88

    1st Build Yesu88's Halo 3 ODST Build

    Hey all, I'm about to begin making my first Halo cosplay, which is going to be an ODST suit from Halo 3. I've gotten a set of templates from the armory and I've also gathered some reference images. I'll be using EVA foam, so I'll have to scale everything to my body size first. I hope to get...
  9. IMG_20220320_223346_3.jpg


  10. Fallen

    Foam H3 Hornet Pilot - V1 Complete

    Backstory I've been wanting to remake my first build for awhile now. Back in 2016 I did a speed build DFT Marine. It wasn't too bad considering I was still new to this hobby and had never built a suit to completion. However, it's not very accurate, overweathered, and falling apart. Plus my...
  11. SgtSkittle117

    Props Halo 3 Flamethrower 2.0 Build

    Hello, Since I have been MIA on building props or being active on here, I figure it was time to slowly crawl out of the hole and build something. That something is another Flamethrower from Halo 3. First thing is I built a new frame for the flamethrower. I used 3/4 inch PVC pipe for the frame...
  12. reallemonboi

    1st Build Master Chief (MK VI)WIP (reallemonboi)

    Hi! This is just going to be a thread on my Master Chief armor build! This is my first Halo build and it's going along pretty nicely. I'll also make written updates and rundowns on any tips/tricks/challenges I've faced, and any questions I may have. The first few posts will just be me catching...
  13. Rorshack

    Looking for halo 3 hayabusa 3d files

    Hello all , it has been a while since ive been here but i am trying to get back into the halo cosplay scene and wanted to know if any of you awesome people had hayabusa files for 3d print. I'm looking for mainly the katana and body parts. Any files are helpful . I can also pay for the files if...
  14. EvanH

    Something went right!

    Gauntlet piece actually assembled properly !
  15. SentinelPrime

    Grunt Cosplay

    I plan to build a Grunt cosplay for my little sister. She's very excited to do it! Does anyone know where I can find foam templates if there is any?
  16. jegatherdomnai

    so I looked at halo 3, titanfall, halo 5,apex and warzone and this is what I found

    So I looked at halo 3, titanfall, halo 5,apex and warzone and this is what I found: average kill time in halo 3: 7-10 secs average kill time in cod warzone: 1-4 secs average kill time in titanfall(2): 1-3 secs average kill time in halo 5: 7-15 secs average kill time in apex: 3-7 secs esports...
  17. Toasterblast

    How should I scale my ODST helmet?

    I'm working on making the ODST/COMM helmet from MCC Halo 3 into a printable and wearable model, and I just want to get a good idea of how big it should be. Are there certain measurements I should take to scale it right? Thanks.
  18. Juggernaut Zane

    legendary shield with swords?

    Does anyone know where I can find the legendary shields with swords like ono halo 3 back accessory?
  19. Jurassic

    H:5/ODST/H:R/H:3 Mega 3D Printed Thread

    Hey all, it's been a few years. Yea, never finished Linda - moved, broke, threw out. But this is about new things!!! --For finished pieces -- I'm going to finally start doing the thing I've been avoiding, and that's modelling in F360 to make my ideal H5 armor set. I'll also be showing you guys...
  20. Lonewolfhowling

    Needing advice

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member, and fairly new to costume and prop making as well. I understand there are probably a bunch of threads already informing others on what to do, or how they can improve their craft, but I am asking for some personal advice. I started this project late last year...
  21. ItSpartan116

    1st Full 3D printed Spartan Armor and Custom Mandalorian Kit

    I was never able to finished my first 3d printed Spartan armor but this is a new year and I have a job that rely to but the product that I need and also I will be working on Custom Mandalorian build throughout the next year or so. My Goal is to have all of my 3d armor pieces printed before the...
  22. Jeffw773

    Huge 3D Model / Sound FX Archive from nearly every Halo Game (Halo CE - Halo 5)

    Hello all! This is my first time posting about this here in the forums, but I have been working on a MASSIVE passion project for the last two months, which has been to create a near complete archive of every important 3d model from each Halo game. This archive includes the 3D models and Sound...
  23. Rootbeer

    Halo 3 models?

    Hi all, I am looking to see if anyone has any halo 3 spartan models ripped, I am looking to print out some parts for a project that I am working on. I am sure some of you do not agree with ripping files from games but this would be the only way to move forward in this project. If anyone has this...
  24. Tru3Shot

    My First pepakura helmet

    I have been in the 405th for a couple of weeks silent and have never built a Pepakura helmet, I've decided to take a stab at it and see how it goes! I'm going to build a halo 3 scout helmet. I'll update the thread as I go through the helmet. I also might be doing some 3D printing of other...
  25. ARY

    Cosplay Noobs Helljumper Journey

    ok first lets get something straight right of the bat, I have never built a costume of any kind before well except from when I was in the army Cadet Force and they gave me some MTP gear I made look good ;). anyways without getting too side-tracked let me talk about my project I am about to...